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Lebanon FM 'endangering lives of anti-Assad Syria refugees'

17 June, 2018

Lebanon is ignoring the safety of thousands of Syrian refugees in the country who are opponents of the Assad regime, as it increases pressure from them to return.

Lebanon urged to unblock permits for Syria refugee staff

12 June, 2018

Beirut blocked residency permits for UN refugee agency staff after a spat over Syrians returning home.

Lebanon freezes permits for UN Syria refugee staff

08 June, 2018

Lebanese Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil has frozen residency permits for UN staff working with Syrian refugees in Lebanon

Lebanon FM threatens measures against UN over Syrian refugees

07 June, 2018

Gebran Bassil has accused the UN's refugee agency of "intimidating" Syrian refugees by preventing them from returning home.

Syria extends deadline for property confiscation law following uproar

02 June, 2018

A controversial new property law was announced in April, which would give the Syrian regime the right to seize property from refugees living outside government control.

Lebanon fears Assad's land-grab law will exasperate refugee crisis

27 May, 2018

Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad's government has legalised seizing private property for developments, leaving Lebanon worried about the fate of refugees in the country.

US envoy continues shuttle diplomacy over Israel-Lebanon gas dispute

21 February, 2018

Lebanon signed offshore exploration agreements with foreign oil companies in February, which kick-started a years-long maritime dispute with Israel.

Lebanon leaders call for unity following political, sectarian tensions

02 February, 2018

Officials from Lebanon's two main Shia parties visited a Christian village Friday, in a bid to end political tensions many feared could spiral into sectarian division.

Leaked video 'insulting' Hizballah ally causes storm in Lebanon

29 January, 2018

Lebanon has been thrown into a fresh political crisis after a video emerged showing the foreign minister calling Lebanon’s powerful parliament speaker a “thug” in a closed meeting.

What's stopping Lebanese expats voting from abroad?

12 December, 2017

Analysis: Lebanese citizens living abroad can now vote in the country's parliamentary elections, but the response so far has been mixed, writes Richard Salamé.

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