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'I just want to go home to my village'

23 May, 2017

In-depth: Palestinians displaced from their homes in 1948 remember life before the state of Israel.

Islamophobia and terror: two sides of one coin

23 May, 2017

Blog: Terrorism is us, and the sooner we connect our shared experiences of oppression, the less power we give to the twin ideologies of hatred, writes Hadani Ditmars.

Trump 'committed' to delivering Israeli-Palestinian peace, but unclear how

23 May, 2017

US President Donald Trump arrived in Bethlehem on Tuesday to meet with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas for talks over long-stalled peace efforts.

Israel jittery after US-Saudi Arabia multi-billion dollar military deal

21 May, 2017

Saudi Arabia and the US have signed a huge military deal, but Israel has already voiced its concern saying Donald Trump must answer questions about his decision.

Gaza military court orders execution of 'Hamas killers'

21 May, 2017

Hamas military judges have ordered the execution of three men suspected of working to kill a Gaza-based military commander for Israel.

Israeli forces attack Palestinian marches supporting hunger-striking prisoners

19 May, 2017

Dozens of Palestinians were injured in the occupied West Bank and Gaza on Friday, during clashes with Israeli forces that disrupted marches backing hunger-striking prisoners.

'New' Hamas charter at least a decade old

19 May, 2017

Comment: Much of Hamas' 'new' charter can be found in old policy documents, with minor changes likely motivated by a desire to appease the UAE and Egypt, writes Imogen Lambert.

Israeli far-right culture minister ‘wears the occupation’ at Cannes

18 May, 2017

Israel's culture minister Miri Regev mixed fashion with politics on Wednesday when she chose to wear a dress emblasoned with the Jerusalem skyline to the opening night of Cannes.

Labour manifesto promises to recognise Palestine... people are overjoyed

17 May, 2017

Opponents have hit back hard at the Labour Party's pledge to recognise Palestine immediately, accusing a prospective Labour government of colluding with 'terrorists'.

Gulf states 'offer Israel normalised ties for peace concessions'

16 May, 2017

Gulf States reportedly have made an unprecedented offer to normalise ties with Israel, proposing a series of economic and political gestures in return for concessions in the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.

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