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Tensions escalate in Israel, Hizballah war of words

25 June, 2017

Simmering tensions between Israel and Lebanon's powerful Hizballah group have escalated in recent days, with both sides issuing barbed threats regarding any future war.

Balls and walls: This week in Middle East football

23 June, 2017

Blog: The Hebron derby, the Baghdad clasico and a ray of hope for a end to the sporting aspect of the Qatar blockade.

Saudi-UAE demands challenge the fundamentals of international relations

23 June, 2017

Comment: The Saudi-UAE list of demands would effectively place Qatar under guardianship, and undermine the principle of freedom of expression and national sovereignty, writes James Dorsey.

Mahmoud Abbas 'is seeking war between Hamas and Israel'

22 June, 2017

Israel's defence minister on Thursday accused president Mahmoud Abbas of trying to spark a new round of confrontations between Hamas and Israel, after a raft of punitive measures targeting Gaza.

Literary exposure: Award-winning writers tackle life under Israel’s occupation

21 June, 2017

A group of award-winning writers have launched a collection of essays highlighting everyday life for Palestinians under Israel’s 50-year military occupation.

US to UN: ignore 'usual-suspect' Israel and blacklist Hamas

21 June, 2017

The US ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, on Tuesday absolved Israel of responsibility for the humanitarian crisis in Gaza, calling instead for the Security Council to blacklist Hamas.

Photos: activists send lanterns 'to light up' electricity-starved Gaza

21 June, 2017

From across the border, to across the world, providing relief for Gaza is becoming increasingly difficult while the PA and the Israeli government show no end to their cruelty

Construction begins on new illegal Israeli settlement in Palestine

21 June, 2017

Netanyahu had vowed to build the settlement to replace Amona, a settlement outpost built on private Palestinian land that was dismantled in February

Saudi bullying of Qatar: A crumbling Game of Thrones

20 June, 2017

Comment: Despite White House support for the Saudi-UAE alliance, it is Qatar thathas emerged with the trump card, writes Emile Nakhleh.

Egypt's Hasm claims responsibility for Cairo suburb attack

20 June, 2017

The Hasm militant group has claimed responsibility for a Sunday attack that left two police officers dead and three conscripts injured in the upscale Cairo suburb of Maadi.

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