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Dozens of police injured in Tunis stadium violence

17 February, 2018

At least 38 police officers have been injured in another after another incident of 'stadium terrorism' at a football game.

Saudi Arabia and Iran battle it out in Azerbaijan

16 February, 2018

Comment: Saudi Arabia and Iran are extending their bitter rivalry beyond the Middle East, into the Caucasus, writes James Dorsey.

Derby day drama: This week in Middle East football

16 February, 2018

Derby day drama took over Amman and Casablanca this week, while an underwhelming clash between the Arabian Peninsula's two biggest clubs was overshadowed by a pitch-invading cat.

The FA has changed tack on Qatar's World Cup

15 February, 2018

Comment: Britain is hoping for $42 billion worth of trade in the Gulf post-Brexit, and Qatar is to be a major part of that, writes Anthony Harwood.

Seven years after Egypt uprising: Where is Mubarak now?

11 February, 2018

Seven years after Egypt's longtime ruler Hosni Mubarak was toppled during the January 2011 uprising where is the ousted veteran strongman now?

Saudi cleric issues clarification on abaya ruling after backlash

11 February, 2018

A Saudi cleric has come under fire on social media over a ruling that women do not have to wear the loose-fitting abaya robe, prompting a clarification from the sheikh.

Eyes on Morocco: This week in Middle East football

08 February, 2018

Morocco is shooting for the 2026 World Cup following an outstanding performance in the Championship of African Nations.

Saudis up in arms after couple filmed holding hands

04 February, 2018

A video of a newly-wed couple walking along the promenade of the Saudi city of Jeddah has stirred up a storm of controversy on social media.

Soccer breaks through the blockade of Qatar

01 February, 2018

The Champions League of the Asian Football Confederation could be an opportunity for mutual respect amid the blockade on Qatar, writes Anthony Harwood.

The Bitcoin ballgame: This week in Middle East football

01 February, 2018

The Asian Champions League kicks off, plus the return of Amoory - catch up with all the latest football news...

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