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Rivalries and relegation: This week in Middle East football

25 April, 2017

As football seasons in the Middle East draw to a close, tensions were high as teams played in the Arab world's own El Clasicos bringing tears and heartbreak.

Dortmund bus bombing carried out by market 'speculator'

21 April, 2017

The 28-year-old German-Russian suspect said he hoped to make millions in profit from a drop in the football club's share price after buying thousands of stock options on the team.

Dortmund attack 'false-flag operation to trigger backlash against Muslims'

17 April, 2017

German police shift investigation to far right extremists as evidence suggests that the shrapnel used in the pipe bombs could have come from an army inventory.

'Islamist' suspect detained over Dortmund football team blasts

13 April, 2017

German police have detained an "Islamist" suspect over three explosions that struck Borussia Dortmund's team bus, confirming that the investigation was examining a possible "terrorist link".

Britain must speak up on UAE's human rights violations

12 April, 2017

Comment: Post-Brexit, the UK is looking to increase its trading relationship with the UAE, and has failed to condemn recent escalating repression in the Gulf state, writes Joe Odell.

Huge fire destroys French refugee camp

11 April, 2017

A huge fire has destroyed one of the biggest migrant camps in France housing 1,500 people, which started after a brawl involving hundreds of Afghans and Kurds.

Royals and underdogs: This week in Middle East football

10 April, 2017

Blog: The opening of April officially took Middle Eastern football into the season's closing moments, writes Uri Levy.

Everest to NYC: Female Saudi mountain-climber scales new summits

06 April, 2017

Interview: Raha Moharrak, the first Saudi woman to climb Everest, speaks to The New Arab about her work to smash stereotypes, and to advance women's rights through sport.

Balls and brawls: This week in Middle East football

03 April, 2017

Blog: A return to club football after the international break brings Al-Ahli's first trophy of the season, and chaos in Amman, writes Uri Levy.

Morocco World Cup bid wins backing of FIFA figures

30 March, 2017

The president of the Confederation of African Football has backed a potential Moroccan bid to host the global football competition. Fifa's President expressed similar sentiments in November.

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