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Al-Masry's gifted Gazan: This week in Middle Eastern football

19 September, 2018

Also: the Saudis go on a sacking spree, and Middle Eastern football giants come to a head in the Asian Champions League.

Germany frees Iraqi suspect in killing that sparked attacks

18 September, 2018

The 22-year-old Iraqi immigrant held as the main suspect in a deadly stabbing that sparked xenophobic mob violence in Germany last month was freed on Tuesday over lack of evidence.

Water crisis in Basra hospitalises top Iraqi football team

17 September, 2018

The water crisis in oil-rich Basra province has put 60,000 people in hospital since mid-August, according to the provincial council for human rights.

HSBC 'making a killing' from Israeli military

17 September, 2018

HSBC has been targeted by activists in the UK over its links to weapon makers arming Israel.

Pakistan face arch-rivals India in football clash

13 September, 2018

After three years without international football due to terrorism and politics, Pakistan's national team has brought some pride to their country and fans.

Saddam Hussein football chant sparks Algeria-Iraq diplomatic crisis

11 September, 2018

Algerian football fans have sparked a minor diplomatic crisis with Iraq after the terraces erupted with chants praising former leader Saddam Hussein and sectarian insults during a match.

Katanec heads Iraq: This week in Middle East football

06 September, 2018

A Slovenian football superstar has been signed up as the head coach of the Lions of Mesopotamia in a three-year contract thought to be worth $1.2m per year.

Sisi reminds Salah who's really King of Egypt

04 September, 2018

Comment: The Sisi regime's treatment of Salah is designed to take him down a peg or two, and reiterate that he's their property, writes Sam Hamad.

Breaking boundaries with Iranian women's football coach Katayoun Khosrowyar

03 September, 2018

The New Arab Meets: Katayoun Khosrowyar, an aspiring young coach, who has become a warrior for women's rights to play football as they wish.

Thousands protest for and against migrants in German town

01 September, 2018

Some 8,000 opponents and supporters of German Chancellor Angela Merkel's immigration policy marched through the eastern city of Chemnitz after a wave of racist violence that followed a knife killing.

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