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Saudi Arabia's top ten reforms pushed this year

11 December, 2017

Riyadh has announced that from next year cinemas will be allowed in the kingdom, the latest reform designed to attract investors and appease Saudi youth stifled by ultra-conservative restrictions.

Qatar buys dozens of Typhoon fighter jets from Britain

11 December, 2017

Qatar has signed an $8 billion deal to buy 24 Typhoon fighters from the United Kingdom amid an ongoing blockade of the Gulf state.

FIFA commends Qatar for transferring Gulf Cup to Kuwait

10 December, 2017

FIFA has commended Qatar for agreeing to move the 2017 Gulf Cup to Kuwait following a last-minute decision by football's governing body to lift a ban on the country.

Qatar and France sign fighter jet deal

07 December, 2017

Qatar's latest purchase of military and commercial aircraft could help Qatar make more use of its planes after its operations were disrupted by a blockade from four Arab nations.

MBS's friend was mystery buyer of $450-million Jesus painting

07 December, 2017

A friend of Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman revealed as mystery buyer of a painting of Christ by Leonardo Da Vinci that recently sold for a record $450 million.

World Cup fever: This week in Middle East football

05 December, 2017

Syria's Omar Khribin is named Asian Player of the Year as the region gears up for two Middle Eastern derbies following the World Cup draw.

Trump's retweet madness

29 November, 2017

Comment: Endorsing far-right ultranationalists' Islamophobic race-baiting is making a dangerous mockery of the office of the president, writes Andrew Leber.

Saudi Arabia: Targeting scholars from Malaysia to Tunisia

28 November, 2017

Comment: Saudi Arabia's decision to ban the Qatar-based International Union of Muslim Scholars has sparked political controversy in Malaysia, Tunisia and beyond, writes James M. Dorsey.

Heartbreak and golden-boys: This week in Middle East football

27 November, 2017

In the Asian Championship League, Arabs received heartbreaking news this week with Al-Hilal's dramatic loss, but on the other side of the world, Egyptian golden boy Mohammad Salah is compensating.

Palestine tops Israel in FIFA world rankings

24 November, 2017

For the first time ever, Palestine's national football team has overtaken Israel's in the international football federation's rankings.

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