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Israeli intelligence launches start-up fund to invest in spying

28 June, 2017

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu says that Israel's national intelligence agency will begin a start-up fund to help invent new spying technology for Mossad.

UK elects its first British-Palestinian MP

10 June, 2017

Layla Moran takes great pride in her Palestinian heritage, and will now become the only standing MP of Arab descent after a stunning victory to take a seat in parliament.

Modern humans may have first emerged in Morocco

09 June, 2017

Newly analysed Homo Sapien fossils found in Morocco suggest that modern humans had evolved earlier, and perhaps several times independently across Africa

Layla Moran: British-Palestinian, Liberal Democrat, and running for government

06 June, 2017

Born to a British father and a Palestinian mother from Jerusalem, Moran will be the only standing MP with Arab heritage in the June 8 general election.

UAE base in Somaliland soon to launch military operations

30 May, 2017

The foreign minister of Somaliland, who was once vociferous in his opposition to the military base, said it would become operational in the near future.

Ethiopia issues 30,000 emergency passports for Saudi-stranded workers

24 May, 2017

In March, Saudi Arabia announced it was deporting undocumented migrants, granting a 90-day amnesty period in which foreigners could leave without facing a penalty.

Riyadh 'supports' Sudan's claim over disputed land with Egypt

17 May, 2017

Saudi Arabia has reportedly backed Sudan in its fight to get back a disputed region of land near the Red Sea from Egypt.

Domestic workers death rate 'doubles' in Lebanon

16 May, 2017

Migrant workers in Lebanon are dying at a rate of two every week, Lebanon's intelligence agency says, as rights for domestic employees in the country continue to stagnate.

One million children flee death in South Sudan

08 May, 2017

New statistics from UN agencies show that the number of child refugees has exceeded the million mark for the first time – with many leaving without parental accompaniment.

Millions could die in South Sudan from unfolding famine

05 May, 2017

Aid agencies and NGOs are urging countries to increase their support for South Sudan which is in the grip of a famine that could result in biblical-levels of starvation.

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