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Will Egypt - Sudan relations be restored?

25 April, 2017

Both Egypt and Sudan must recognise that good bilateral relations are key to solving political and security concerns writes Adama Munu.

Mass starvation looms over Yemen, Africa amid donations shortfall

12 April, 2017

The UN and relief agencies reiterate calls to plug a shortfall in funding as 'inevitable' humanitarian disasters loom over parts of Africa and the Middle East.

UN council weighs compromise on Syria gas attack probe

06 April, 2017

Ten UN Security Council countries circulated a compromise resolution on Thursday demanding a full investigation into the chemical attack in Syria.

Video: Ethiopian maid in Kuwait balcony plunge describes terror

02 April, 2017

The Ethiopian domestic worker who fell seven floors from a home in Kuwait has spoken out for the first time since the incident, debunking claims she had attempted suicide.

56 jail terms for Egypt shipwreck disaster

26 March, 2017

An Egyptian court on Sunday sentenced 56 people to prison terms of between seven and 10 years over the deaths at sea of at least 202 people in September.

Jordan urged to arrest Sudan's Bashir over 'war crimes'

26 March, 2017

Human Rights Watch calls upon Jordan to honour its commitment to the International Criminal Court by apprehending the Sudanese leader during the 28th Arab League Summit.

Germany strikes new immigration deal with Tunisia

04 March, 2017

German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced a new agreement with Tunisia on tackling illegal migration during a two-day trip to North Africa that also included a stop in Egypt.

Merkel ignores Sisi's human rights record for immigration-curbing deal

03 March, 2017

German Chancellor Angela Merkel held talks on Thursday with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi over curbing illegal migration to her country, offering aid and investment while ignoring the strongman's abuses.

Russia and China veto UN resolution on Syria sanctions

28 February, 2017

Planned sanctions on leading Syrian regime officials linked to chemical attacks in the country have been blocked by Damascus' key allies Russia and China during a tense UN meeting.

Somaliland agrees to UAE military base in northern port

13 February, 2017

Somalia's breakaway northern territory of Somaliland has said the United Arab Emirates can establish a military base in its territory.

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