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Egypt 'asks Israel to mediate' in Ethiopia Nile dispute

26 April, 2018

Egypt has asked Israel officials to mediate a dispute over a controversial Ethiopian dam that will drastically impact Cairo's share of the Nile's waters

Algeria sentences Lebanese-born 'Israeli spy gang leader' to death

25 April, 2018

An Algerian court has sentenced a Lebanese-born Liberian man to death and six other African nationals to 10 years in prison for spying for Israel, Algeria Press Service reported.

Egypt bans water-intensive crops, alarm mounts over Ethiopia dam

23 April, 2018

The construction of the Grand Renaissance Dam has been a major point of contention among Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan.

#StGeorgesDay: The historic saint of England helping refugees today

23 April, 2018

Thousands of people use St. George’s Day to remind the English of the spirit of multiculturalism in honour of the 'immigrant' St George, at a time of rising anti-refugee sentiments.

Sudan protests to UN over Egypt voting in Halayeb

18 April, 2018

Sudan has protested to the UN Security Council against Egypt, accusing Cairo of organising voting in a disputed border area during last month's Egyptian presidential election.

UAE-backed forces 'rape, abuse' African migrants detained in Yemen

18 April, 2018

The International Organization for Migration says some 87,000 people sought to reach war-torn Yemen from the Horn of Africa by boat in 2017.

Number of migrants detained in Libya drastically reduced

17 April, 2018

The number of migrants held by Libyan authorities has fallen from 27,000 in May last year to 5,200.

Saudi boss 'forced Filipina maid to drink bleach'

16 April, 2018

In the latest incident of mistreatment of Filipino workers in the Middle East, a Saudi boss allegedly forced her maid to drink bleach, Manila said.

Egypt rejects reports blaming it for Nile talks failure

13 April, 2018

Egypt has criticised reports blaming it for the failure of a recent round of talks with Ethiopia and Sudan to reach an agreement over Ethiopia’s massive dam on the Nile

Talks to ease Egypt concerns over Nile dam 'fail'

06 April, 2018

Ethiopia began building the $4 billion dam in 2012, but the mega project has triggered tensions with Egypt as Cairo fears that the dam will reduce water supplies.

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