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Air India plans flights to Israel through Saudi airspace

09 February, 2018

India is planning flights to Tel Aviv over Saudi Arabia but Riyadh officials have denied approving Air India's use of its airspace for direct flights to Israel.

Investigation: Coercive 'voluntary' deportations leave refugees trapped in jail

02 February, 2018

Exclusive: A scheme to repatriate refugees whose asylum bids have been rejected amounts to bullying and bribing desperate people to return to desperate situations, reports Matt Broomfield.

Trump's 'sovereignty safeguards' leave Yemeni refugees for dead

30 January, 2018

Comment: The US is opting out of global solutions to share responsibility for the burden of migration which it has promulgated, writes Rose Worden.

Dozens of migrants fleeing to Africa drown off Yemen

26 January, 2018

An overcrowded boat carrying African migrants from Yemen to Djibouti capsized earlier this week, killing 30 people, the UN has reported

How 'Port of Mokha' reclaimed coffee for Yemen's farmers

23 January, 2018

At just 24-years-old and without much knowledge on coffee, Yemeni-American Mokhtar al-Khanshali risked his life to empower coffee farmers in the birthplace of coffee amid a deadly war.

Ethiopian PM arrives in Egypt for talks on Nile

18 January, 2018

Ethiopia’s prime minister arrived in Cairo on Wednesday for a two-day visit to discuss a massive dam that Egypt fears will cut into its share of the Nile

Macron gets tough on migrants, vows 'no more Jungles'

16 January, 2018

France would no longer allow migrant camps like the 'jungle' said French president Macron, defending a tougher line on immigration

Egypt vows to protect 'water rights' amid Nile-basin tensions

16 January, 2018

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi on Monday vowed to protect Egypt's water supply while striving to maintain peace between the Nile upstream countries of Sudan and Ethiopia.

Israel's war on African refugees is inspiring white supremacists

16 January, 2018

Comment: Netanyahu's racist, anti-African immigration policies are bringing cheer to white supremacists on both sides of the Atlantic, writes David Sheen.

Qatar leads region with over $26m donations to UNHCR

13 January, 2018

Qatar's contributions to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has helped ease the live of hundreds of thousands of refugees from around the globe, Doha says.

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