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Arrests and 'corruption': Inside Saudi Arabia's business affairs

04 December, 2017

Comment: The arrest of Mohamed al-Amoudi is a textbook warning to local businessmen who might have been harbouring seditious designs, writes Romain Calvary.

Saudi Arabia 'expels more than 1,300 Ethiopians'

29 November, 2017

Ethiopian officials say more than 70,000 people have returned home since Saudi Arabia ordered all undocumented migrants to leave in March.

Egypt's Sisi warns Ethiopia over dam construction project

19 November, 2017

Sisi issued a stern warning to Ethiopia on Saturday over a dam it is building after the two countries and Sudan failed to approve a study on its potential effects.

More than 250 migrants rescued off Spain's coast

18 November, 2017

Spanish authorities said over 250 migrants making the dangerous crossing to Europe were rescued off the coast of Spain on Friday, with several other vessels still in need of rescue.

UN begins evacuating refugees from Libya to Niger

12 November, 2017

The UN refugee agency said the evacuation of 25 "extremely vulnerable refugees" from Libya on Saturday marked the first of its kind.

US ambassador to UN evacuated from South Sudan camp

25 October, 2017

The US ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley was evacuated from a camp in South Sudan after protests over the country's president descended on the event she was attending.

The Qatar crisis hits the African continent

12 October, 2017

Analysis: With Saudi Arabia calling on a number of African states to join its boycott of Qatar, it has become clear the Gulf crisis is spilling over, writes Stasa Salacanin.

Israel-Africa summit canceled amid Togo unrest

12 September, 2017

The Israeli Foreign Ministry says an Israel-Africa summit scheduled next month in Togo has been postponed.

Sudan closes borders with Libya, South Sudan and Chad

07 September, 2017

Sudan has closed its borders with South Sudan, Chad and Libya in efforts to stop arms trafficking, its vice president said, revealing thousands of smuggled vehicles were used in crimes.

Ethiopia's 'Snapchat maid' returns from Kuwait after surviving fall

23 August, 2017

Ethiopia's foreign ministry posted a video of Sadik returning to Ethiopia earlier this week, fully recovered after falling from a seventh floor window.

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