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The Qatar crisis hits the African continent

12 October, 2017

Analysis: With Saudi Arabia calling on a number of African states to join its boycott of Qatar, it has become clear the Gulf crisis is spilling over, writes Stasa Salacanin.

EU pays Sudan blood-money to stop migrant routes

09 October, 2017

EU governments are silencing their internal concerns over massive human rights violations in Sudan while paying out money to prevent the flow of migrants into Europe.

Group launches campaign to boycott UAE over rights violations

07 October, 2017

A rights group has launched a campaign to raise awareness about rampant human rights violations in the United Arab Emirates.

Seized North Korean arms shipment was destined for Egypt

02 October, 2017

A US tip-off to Egyptian customs agents prevented a huge shipment of North Korean arms entering the country. After investigating the RPGs

Israel is detaining hundreds of asylum seekers without trial

24 September, 2017

A freedom of information request has revealed that Israeli authorities are bypassing judicial processes to detain asylum seekers for lengthy periods of time.

Sudan closes borders with Libya, South Sudan and Chad

07 September, 2017

Sudan has closed its borders with South Sudan, Chad and Libya in efforts to stop arms trafficking, its vice president said, revealing thousands of smuggled vehicles were used in crimes.

US 'must review abuses' of UAE forces in Yemen

05 August, 2017

A coalition of rights groups has issued a joint letter to key US agencies calling for a review of allegations of abuse by US-allied UAE forces in Yemen.

VIDEO: UAE-backed Yemeni militants 'behead, execute' rebel detainees

23 July, 2017

Shocking video footage has emerged appearing to show Yemeni militants, bearing the flag of the United Arab Emirates, beheading and executing detainees in the war-torn country.

UAE 'transferred Yemen terror suspects to secret Eritrean prison'

02 July, 2017

Two investigations uncovered cases of 'torture and forced disappearances' by UAE forces in Yemen, a leading human rights group has said.

UK must act now to help mediate in Qatar

15 June, 2017

Comment: Macron is leading negotiations, but he will need the backing of a more familiar face in the region, and the UK qualifies to fill this role, writes Marcus Hendriks.

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