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Egypt, Sudan Ethiopia agree study of controversial dam

18 May, 2018

A meeting between the three countries has led to the agreement to set up a scientific study group to consult on the filling of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.

Talks to ease Egypt concerns over Nile dam 'fail'

06 April, 2018

Ethiopia began building the $4 billion dam in 2012, but the mega project has triggered tensions with Egypt as Cairo fears that the dam will reduce water supplies.

Jordan opens job centre in Syrian refugee camp

19 February, 2018

Under a 2016 deal with donor countries Jordan promised to provide 200,000 work permits for Syrians over three years.

Ethiopian PM arrives in Egypt for talks on Nile

18 January, 2018

Ethiopia’s prime minister arrived in Cairo on Wednesday for a two-day visit to discuss a massive dam that Egypt fears will cut into its share of the Nile

For the national good: Casting out Egyptian Nubians

20 November, 2017

Comment: Once an ancient civilisation that ruled East Africa, the Nubian people endured division, displacement and forced migration, and under Sisi their collective trauma reached fever pitch, writes Gehad Quisay.

'Release Nubian activists' Amnesty International tells Egypt

12 September, 2017

Amnesty International has urged Egypt to release 24 Nubian activists who were arrested for holding a protest demanding greater respect from Cairo for their cultural rights.

Egypt's conscripts serving the army's economic empire

05 September, 2017

The long read: Instead of creating paid jobs for civilians, Sisi is using Egyptian army conscripts to build his engineering megaprojects. The private sector is not happy, writes Jamal Boukhari.

Man killed in Egypt raid on Nile 'squatter island'

17 July, 2017

One man has been killed and 56 people injured after clashes between squatters and Egyptian security forces during a raid on an island in the Nile.

Egypt 'to build naval base on Eritrea's Nora island'

29 April, 2017

The Eritrean opposition have released details on a new Egyptian naval port - but questions have emerged in Ethiopia over Cairo's real motivations for the hyper-expensive infrastructure project.

Egypt's Sisi and South Sudan's Kiir strike 'dirty deal'

10 January, 2017

As Egypt continues to court Nile Basin countries, President Sisi met with South Sudan's leader in Cairo amid ongoing fears about the future of a controversial Ethiopian dam project.

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