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Egypt's Sisi and South Sudan's Kiir strike 'dirty deal'

10 January, 2017

As Egypt continues to court Nile Basin countries, President Sisi met with South Sudan's leader in Cairo amid ongoing fears about the future of a controversial Ethiopian dam project.

Who are you calling soft? Zawahiri takes on Baghdadi

07 January, 2017

Al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri lashed out against his rival Islamic State group's Abubakr al-Baghdadi for his 'dishonest propaganda' saying his group were soft towards Shia.

What's the beef? Another 'poison' donkey-meat discovery in Egypt

06 January, 2017

Egyptian authorities on Friday discovered seven tons of donkey meat, dyed red in disguise, which was declared unfit for human consumption by the country's veterinary authority.

Sisi meets with Eritrean leader 'to pressure Addis Ababa'

01 December, 2016

Sisi met with his Eritrean counterpart in Cairo on Tuesday in a meeting that sources have said was a "deliberate move" against Ethiopia.

UN to the rescue

22 November, 2016

Comment: The election of Trump sees the UN inherit a key role which it is not well equipped to perform. Root and branch reform will be necessary, writes Robert Springborg

Israel worried economic, social unrest could topple Sisi regime

18 October, 2016

Israeli and American officials are worried that the Egyptian government could collapse if the severe economic crisis facing the country continues.

Egypt under Sisi is managed like a football club

16 September, 2016

Comment: A lack of accountability, and secrecy around tactics and formation mean that Sisi's governing style resembles something of a football manager, writes Mohamed ElMeshad

Egyptian fugitive tycoon surrenders majority of fortune to authorities

03 August, 2016

Fugitive Egyptian businessman Hussein Salem has given up 75 percent of his fortune in a deal that will allow him to return to Egypt without facing prosecution.

Egypt's anti-graft tsar becomes public enemy number one

29 June, 2016

Egypt's anti-corruption chief Hisham Geneina has been fired from his position, charged with spreading false information and tried, all for reporting on corruption at the heart of the state.

Can the Dubai model be exported?

01 June, 2016

Comment: The impediments to exporting Dubai's trademark glitz, glamour and service style economy to other monarchies and republics in the region, are geographic, demographic, financial and political, writes Robert Springborg.

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