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British travel agency evacuates Egypt guests after two die

24 August, 2018

A British international travel company says it's evacuating its customers from a hotel in Egypt's Red Sea resort of Hurghada after two of them died there.

Egypt arrests former diplomat over call for referendum

23 August, 2018

Egyptian authorities have arrested a former diplomat who recently called for a referendum on President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi's government, his lawyer has said.

Militias in Libya threaten latest peace initiatives

23 August, 2018

Endless fighting between militias, clashes between Salafists and Libyan National Army forces plus months of warfare between tribes, perpetuates a state of chaos in Libya, writes Jonathan Fenton-Harvey.

Gaza running out of fuel and medicine, warns UN

22 August, 2018

The UN urged Israel to ensure that urgently needed humanitarian supplies for the Gaza Strip are not "held hostage to political and security developments".

Amid backlash, Trump promises Palestinians 'something very good'

22 August, 2018

Backlash followed Trump's cryptic statements saying Israelis would now pay 'a higher price' after the Jerusalem move, and promised Palestinians 'something very good' as part of a peace deal.

Nuclear energy: Necessity or geopolitical status symbol?

22 August, 2018

Despite political and security issues in the region and potential environmental hazards, many Arab states are rapidly moving towards nuclear energy expansion, writes Stasa Salacanin.

Bishop murder saga rattles Egypt's Coptic community

22 August, 2018

For years the Coptic Christian community, about 10 percent of Egypt's mainly Sunni Muslim population of 100 million, have coped with marginalisation and the ire of extremists.

Pyramids FC: Saudi money brings cultural colonisation to Egypt

21 August, 2018

Comment: Saudi Arabia's economic imperialism on the football field is a danger to Egypt's cultural sovereignty, writes Mohamed ElMeshad.

Bahrain to stop issuing visas for Qataris: state news

21 August, 2018

Manama said that those already in possession of work or student visas would not be affected by the new policy.

Egyptian army captain killed by Sinai roadside bomb

20 August, 2018

Egyptian medics have confirmed the death of an army captain killed by an improvised explosive device in Egypt's restive North Sinai.

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