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Meeting pioneering war-crimes prosecutor Payam Akhavan

19 October, 2017

Q&A: The international legal expert talks to Hadani Ditmars about how paying hypocritical lip-service to human rights leads to a rise in extremism, both foreign and domestic.

Russia and Iran's support for Syrian 'terror groups'

19 October, 2017

In-depth: Kataib Hezbollah has been internationally listen as a 'terrorist organisation', but that has not stopped Moscow from providing air cover for its operations, reports Austin Bodetti.

Back to earth: This week in Middle East football

16 October, 2017

Syria's national team stars return to club action, but continue to shine - with some attracting attention from bigger teams abroad, despite losing to Australia in the World Cup qualifiers.

Syrian 'regime soldiers on catwalk' at Beirut fashion show

14 October, 2017

A Syrian fashion designer has sparked anger after she posed on the catwalk with models dressed in Syrian military uniforms at a show in Lebanon.

IS' defeat in Deir az-Zour will not end extremism

12 October, 2017

Comment: The lack of stability and employment prospects mean that the door to extremism will remain open, even after IS' defeat in the region, writes Mona Alami.

Living histories: Potent longings for fragile homelands

11 October, 2017

The British Museum's historical approach to contemporary art is well-suited to these works from Syria and Iraq, whose origins betray an optimism for a better future, writes Hadani Ditmars.

Syrian regime forces enter IS-held Mayadeen

07 October, 2017

Syrian government forces prepare to deal a 'severe blow' to the IS group amid mounting concerns about civilian casualties.

Russian air strikes kill 14 civilians in eastern Syria

06 October, 2017

Russian air strikes killed 14 people fleeing across a river on rafts in eastern Syria as renewed fighting across the country took an ever-mounting toll on civilians.

Syria violence at most 'intense level' since East Aleppo

05 October, 2017

Multiple regions across Syria are experiencing the most intense fighting in the six-year war since the battle for East Aleppo in 2016, the ICRC said on Thursday.

The Assad regime is exploiting reconstruction to gain legitimacy

02 October, 2017

Comment: The Assad regime's network of corrupt patronage must not be allowed to use the guise of reconstruction to gain legitimacy, writes James Snell.

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