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Violence erupts following Saudi demolition of historic Shia homes

27 June, 2017

Clashes have erupted between Saudi security forces and Shia gunmen after the demolition of centuries-old homes in the Shia town of al-Awamiya.

Police arrest ten at Istanbul Gay Pride parade

26 June, 2017

Police shut down Istanbul's Gay Pride parade on Sunday after responding to revellers with rubber bullets and making some ten arrests.

Pakistan issues first transgender passport to activist

25 June, 2017

Pakistan has issued its first third-gender passport to a transgender activist, who hailed the move as a step forward for the marginalised community in the deeply conservative South Asian country.

Egypt police foil church bombing, arrest extremist cell

24 June, 2017

Egyptian police said on Saturday they had foiled a church bombing by detaining a cell of would-be attackers who had planned to target Alexandria.

Israeli woman wins discrimination case over El Al seat

23 June, 2017

A woman has won a lawsuit against El Al after being asked to move seats on a flight because an ultra-Orthodox man did not want to sit next to her.

Egyptian Christians organise Iftar meals for Muslim neighbours

22 June, 2017

Coptic Christians have organised daily meals for their Muslim neighbours in Cairo during Ramadan, a show of communal solidarity in the wake of recent deadly attacks.

Finsbury Park attack: Radicalisation isn't exclusive to Islam

21 June, 2017

Comment: After the Finsbury Park attack by a white terrorist, why aren't the British media and political class pouring over how he was 'radicalised'?

Racist Lebanese romantic comedy sketch mocks Palestinian refugee men

17 June, 2017

Some were incapable of understanding why the concept of being disgusted at the thought of dating a Palestinian man is racist.

Rallies against Islamic Sharia draw counter-protests across US

10 June, 2017

Demonstrations against Islamic law Saturday in cities across the US drew counter-protests by people who said they stoked unfounded fears and a distorted view of the religion.

UK election results could profoundly alter Middle East policy

09 June, 2017

Comment: If the opportunity is there, Labour should form a minority government, and immediately implement profound change in the UK's Middle East policy, writes Tom Charles.

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