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Israel's deportation of African migrants 'cruel and illegal': Amnesty

18 June, 2018

Amnesty found Eritrean and Sudanese nationals have been subjected to prolonged detention and violations of their basic human rights in Israel.

UN top court to hear Qatar case against UAE

15 June, 2018

Qatar has condemned the "campaign of political and economic coercion" during a year-long blockade.

Blockaded Qatar takes UAE to International Court of Justice

11 June, 2018

Qatar will file a case against the UAE over the "devastating" effect of the blockade on human rights of Qataris.

Myanmar meets to establish 'independent probe' into Rohingya massacres

09 June, 2018

Myanmar's army and government have met to discuss establishing an independent probe into the military's ethnic cleansing of the Rohingya.

Yes, Arabs should forget about Palestine

07 June, 2018

Palestinians don't want a state so the Arab League can hold hands as they enter al-Aqsa. Palestinians need a state for their security, stability and safety, writes Diana Alghoul.

Denmark's burqa ban: A lurch towards secular extremism

06 June, 2018

Comment: Denmark is the latest European country to have exploited fears over refugees and terrorism for right-wing political gain, writes CJ Werleman.

Listen to Arab women: They know what they're doing

04 June, 2018

Comment: The voices of women from ethnic minorities are not trusted as authorities in their own lives. Arab women can - and do - speak for themselves, writes Amal Awad.

Qatar blockade 'unlawful, unjustified and disproportionate', new report says

04 June, 2018

The Qatar blockade has had significant impact on the human rights of persons both within Qatar and in the four states of the Quartet, a new report has said.

'Hypocrite' Trump to host White House Ramadan iftar

03 June, 2018

US President Donald Trump faced backlash from Muslims for his 'hypocricy' after deciding to host the annual White House iftar.

Daring to be a visibly Muslim woman in France

31 May, 2018

Comment: Pougetoux represents so-far elusive popular alliance that could transform politics in France for the better, writes Malia Bouattia.

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