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IS leader killed by US-led coalition strike in Syria

10 December, 2016

The US-led military coalition has killed a leader of the Islamic State group in Syria, the Pentagon said on Saturday.

Yemen-AQAP: Record number of US drone strikes this year

22 October, 2016

Washington said on Friday that eight al-Qaeda members had been killed in two recent strikes. The US has already conducted more strikes in Yemen this year than in 2015

Drone strike kills two suspected al-Qaeda militants in Yemen

30 September, 2016

Another drone strike in Yemen's Bayda province had left two suspected al-Qaeda militants dead, a local government official said on Friday.

US drone strikes on suspected al-Qaeda militants in Yemen

29 September, 2016

Two US drone strikes in Yemen last week killed four suspected al-Qaeda militants, the US said on Wednesday, in a rare admission by Washington of a campaign of targeted killings.

Suspected al-Qaeda chief killed in Yemen

27 September, 2016

Another suspected AQAP leader killed in a firefight at his house, days after US drone attacks killed two others.

Al-Qaeda 'commander' killed in Yemen drone-strike

24 September, 2016

The attack in Marib province marks the second time in two days that an al-Qaeda commander in Yemen had been killed. US involvement is suspected

In Israel's religious press, Hillary Clinton is invisible

26 August, 2016

Clinton may become the president of Israel's most important ally, but her image has been banished from the ultra-Orthodox press whose deeply conservative readership chafes at images of women.

France's burqini ban institutionalises Islamophobia

23 August, 2016

Comment: The recent ban on the burqini follows in a series of legal measures in France that curtail women's freedoms and give cover to Islamophobic behaviour, writes Usaid Siddiqui

Elderly Jewish man stabbed in French city

19 August, 2016

A Jewish man was attacked by a man with mental health problems in Strasbourg amid conflicting claims about whether there was an extremist motive.

Erdogan and Putin to forge 'historic' Turkish-Russian detente

09 August, 2016

Frozen trade deals, compensation and Syria will be discussed on Tuesday as Russia and Turkey continue thawing relations.

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