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Car explodes in ‘attempted attack’ on Paris’ Champs-Elysees

19 June, 2017

A car exploded and burst into flames after it crashed into a police van on the Champs-Elysees avenue in Paris on Monday, police and investigators said.

Marine Le Pen: France's homegrown threat to democracy

04 May, 2017

Comment: On Sunday the French electorate will be faced with a choice between a self-aware, more progressive form of centrism, and a fascist, Islamophobe who threatens liberal democracy, writes Hamad.

France's elephant in the room: A brutal, cinematic reminder

24 April, 2017

Blog: Over 20 years since the cult classic 'La Haine', police brutality and racial segregation are worse than ever. Hadani Ditmars looks to French cinema for the real story.

3 Paris officers shot, 1 fatally, in Champs-Elysees attack

20 April, 2017

An attacker opened fire on police in Paris’ iconic Champs-Elysees shopping district Thursday night, killing one officer and seriously wounding two others before police shot and killed him.

IS leader killed by US-led coalition strike in Syria

10 December, 2016

The US-led military coalition has killed a leader of the Islamic State group in Syria, the Pentagon said on Saturday.

Yemen-AQAP: Record number of US drone strikes this year

22 October, 2016

Washington said on Friday that eight al-Qaeda members had been killed in two recent strikes. The US has already conducted more strikes in Yemen this year than in 2015

Drone strike kills two suspected al-Qaeda militants in Yemen

30 September, 2016

Another drone strike in Yemen's Bayda province had left two suspected al-Qaeda militants dead, a local government official said on Friday.

US drone strikes on suspected al-Qaeda militants in Yemen

29 September, 2016

Two US drone strikes in Yemen last week killed four suspected al-Qaeda militants, the US said on Wednesday, in a rare admission by Washington of a campaign of targeted killings.

Suspected al-Qaeda chief killed in Yemen

27 September, 2016

Another suspected AQAP leader killed in a firefight at his house, days after US drone attacks killed two others.

Al-Qaeda 'commander' killed in Yemen drone-strike

24 September, 2016

The attack in Marib province marks the second time in two days that an al-Qaeda commander in Yemen had been killed. US involvement is suspected

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