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Qatar holds National Day celebrations amid Gulf crisis

18 December, 2017

Qatar celebrated National Day on Monday with traditional dancing and a military parade. Doha also set a Guinness World Record, despite an ongoing diplomatic crisis with its neighbours.

'Saudi-led blockade united us,' Qataris say on National Day

17 December, 2017

Qataris have said that a Saudi-led blockade has made the country stronger and more united than ever before, as they prepare to hold National Day celebrations on Monday.

UAE's Club World Cup closes with Real Madrid win

17 December, 2017

Champions of the world's biggest continental trophies met head-to-head in the UAE this week, with Real Madrid lifting the trophy and Emirati side al-Jazeera bowing out at fourth.

After Saleh, the outlook in Yemen remains bleak

13 December, 2017

Comment: If Yemen is to set itself on its feet again, its leader must address long-festering issues they have conveniently skirted in favour of placating patrons, writes Barak Barfi.

Kuwait swears in new cabinet as government teeters on

13 December, 2017

A new younger Kuwaiti cabinet was sworn in on Tuesday, which has been dubbed a 'transitional government' with fears the new ministers won't last long in their jobs.

Saudis rejoice after decades-long ban on cinemas lifted

11 December, 2017

Saudis have flooded social media to celebrate the government's decision to lift a decades-old ban on cinemas in the conservative kingdom.

Saudi Arabia: A flourishing film scene but no cinemas

11 December, 2017

Saudi filmmakers have fought legal restrictions and taboos surrounding cinema to produce some of the most exciting movies in the region. None, however, could be screened at home.

Palestinian protesters block Bahrain faith group's visit to Gaza

11 December, 2017

Palestinian protesters have prevented a Bahraini interfaith group from visiting the Gaza Strip amid widespread outcry over the fate of Jerusalem.

Saudi Arabia's top ten reforms pushed this year

11 December, 2017

Riyadh has announced that from next year cinemas will be allowed in the kingdom, the latest reform designed to attract investors and appease Saudi youth stifled by ultra-conservative restrictions.

Bahraini Shia cleric Isa Qassim returns home after surgery

10 December, 2017

Bahrain's leading Shia cleric Sheikh Isa Qassim -, a key opposition figure - has returned home after undergoing surgery, his supporters say.

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