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Ireland to export meat to Qatar, following trade deal

03 July, 2018

Irish farmers will export meat to Qatar, as a blockade on the Gulf state pushes it to find new trading partners.

Saudi hajj rules complicate pilgrimage for blockaded Qataris

02 July, 2018

Qatari authorities have denied Saudi accusations suggesting it failed to respond to Hajj and Umrah authorities to allow Qataris to attend the pilgrimage this year.

Qatar invests half billion dollars in Sudan agriculture

30 June, 2018

Qatar has announced plans to invest $500 million into Sudan's agricultural and food sectors over the next three years, state-run news agency QNA reported on Thursday.

UAE's blockade on Qatar spread a 'climate of fear'

29 June, 2018

Qatar is appealing to the UN's top court against the year-long blockade imposed by the UAE and its Gulf allies.

UAE responds to Qatar's UN court case with another

27 June, 2018

The Gulf crisis has moved to UN courts as the UAE filed their own case against Qatar who accused them of fostering an "environment of hate"

Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE pledge Bahrain bail out

27 June, 2018

Bahrain's wealthy neighbours are set to announce a support package to prop up the island state's economy.

Kuwait emir's eldest son undergoes major surgery

27 June, 2018

Sheikh Nasser Sabah Al Sabah underwent surgery abroad to remove a lung tumour.

Qatar FM meets US counterpart to discuss Gulf crisis

26 June, 2018

Qatari Foreign Minister has discussed the Gulf crisis with his US counterpart, who said President Donald Trump wants the year-old spat to end because it benefits Iran.

Bahrain court jails two over anti-government social media posts

26 June, 2018

Activist Najah Ahmad Youssef, detained since April 2017, was jailed over Facebook comments criticising the Bahraini Grand Prix.

Saudi Arabia plays dirty but cries foul anyway

25 June, 2018

Comment: At its first World Cup match, Saudi Arabia complained of mixing politics with sport, but SWAFF, its new footballing federation, is guilty of just that, writes Anthony Harwood.

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