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Saudi Arabia and UAE introduce VAT for first time

01 January, 2018

Saudi Arabia and the UAE have rolled out VAT to help bring in extra revenues for the countries following years of tumbling oil prices.

Riyadh's 'stubborn personalisation' behind Gulf crisis, says Saudi journalist

30 December, 2017

Veteran Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi has blamed Riyadh's 'personal stubbornness' for the persistence of a boycott of neighbouring Qatar.

Iran slams Trump's support for anti-government protesters

30 December, 2017

Iran has criticised US President Donald Trump's support on Twitter for Iranian protesters following two days of demonstrations against the regime.

Saudi chess tournament controversy continues with Qatar 'mini-state' attack

30 December, 2017

Saudi Arabia has brought more controversy to a little-known chess tournament being held in the kingdom after the sports authority head attacked Qatar in a speech.

Tax-free days almost over in Saudi Arabia, UAE

27 December, 2017

On January 1, 2018, most goods and services in Saudi Arabia and the UAE will have a value-added-tax applied in efforts to boost non-oil revenues in the Gulf states.

Kuwait slaps blogger who insulted KSA with five-year sentence

26 December, 2017

Kuwait sentenced a blogger to five years in prison for allegedly insulting Saudi Arabia.

Qatar skips Saudi chess tournament over flag ban

25 December, 2017

Qatar has said it will not send chess players to take part in a tournament in Saudi Arabia after authorities banned them from displaying the Qatari flag.

The Gulf Cup kicks off amid simmering regional tensions

23 December, 2017

Regional tensions between Qatar and a Saudi-led bloc almost forced the 2017 edition of the Gulf Cup to be cancelled, until Kuwait offered to host the tournament.

Riyadh and Tehran's small steps towards cultural reform

22 December, 2017

Analysis: Saudi Arabia and Iran are both undertaking cultural reforms, but both face challenegs in shaking up society too quickly, writes Paul Iddon.

Could the beautiful game resolve the Gulf diplomatic crisis?

22 December, 2017

Comment: As the Gulf Cup kicks off in Kuwait, fans are hoping for a renewed fraternal spirit to emerge in the region, writes Anthony Harwood.

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