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Bahrain deports 8 to Iraq after revoking their citizenship

04 February, 2018

Bahrain has deported eight people to war-torn Iraq after revoking their citizenship and making them stateless, Human Rights Watch said on Sunday, accusing the Gulf monarchy of exiling dissidents.

Anti-Doha bloc plotted 'invasion', says Qatar defence minister

04 February, 2018

A Saudi-led bloc boycotting Qatar plotted to invade Doha at the start of the Gulf crisis last year, Qatar's defence minister has revealed.

Another year of deep state repression in Bahrain

02 February, 2018

Comment: Bahraini human rights activists have suffered severely from government repression, yet Washington and London continue to treat the regime with velvet gloves, writes Emile Nakhleh.

The Bitcoin ballgame: This week in Middle East football

01 February, 2018

The Asian Champions League kicks off, plus the return of Amoory - catch up with all the latest football news...

Oman aviation set to soar

31 January, 2018

Analysis: The sultanate is establishing itself as a regional hub, and is seeing business take off, writes Alex Macheras.

Qatar-US alliance reaffirmed at end of Washington strategic dialogue

31 January, 2018

The US is looking to resolve the GCC crisis, which since June has pitted Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain and Egypt against Qatar.

Qatar plans massive expansion of US military base

30 January, 2018

Al Udeid is currently the largest US military base in the Middle East and is critical to US air operations in the region

Chronicles of the Egyptian Revolution

29 January, 2018

Book review: Bassiouni's account of Egypt's revolution is an engaging insight into Egypt's Arab Spring and its aftermath, from the side of state power, writes Laith Saud.

Qatar signs trade, investment agreements with Oman amid blockade

28 January, 2018

Qatar declared on 10 January that the Saudi-led blockade amounted to an 'economic war' and that it would seek redress for people adversely affected by the crisis.

Al-Arabiya fined for passing off torture video as journalism

26 January, 2018

The Saudi-owned channel has been severely reprimanded by British regulators for a misleading February 2016 broadcast of statements extracted from Bahraini dissident Hassan Mushaima under torture.

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