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Saudi Arabia calls on its citizens to leave Lebanon

09 November, 2017

Saudi Arabia is urging its citizens to leave Lebanon "as soon as possible" and also calling on them not to travel to Lebanon.

Media freedom 'stamped out' as Bahrain jails more journalists

09 November, 2017

Reporters Without Borders (RSF) has sounded the alarm on the restriction of free speech in Bahrain after the arbitrary conviction of a blogger and a journalist on "terrorism charges".

Qatar blames Saudi-led boc for 'dissolution' of GCC

09 November, 2017

Qatar's foreign minister has warned a boycott of Doha by a Saudi-led bloc of Arab states could lead to the breakup of the GCC.

Raped in UAE cell, victim turns to Scotland Yard

08 November, 2017

Comment: Former Leeds FC Managing Director David Haigh has turned to Scotland Yard's war crimes unit to bring his torturers to justice.

Lebanon no longer immune to tensions over Hizballah

06 November, 2017

Analysis: With Hariri sidelined, Lebanon's Hizballah-controlled government has collapsed, temporarily abating desires for a punitive war against Hizballah - but for how long? writes Kareem Chehayeb.

Qatar calls for talks to end Gulf crisis

06 November, 2017

Qatar has called to end a nearly five month old political and economic blockade of the tiny Gulf state by a Saudi-led bloc of Arab countries.

Bahrain orders nationals to leave Lebanon 'immediately'

06 November, 2017

Bahrain on Sunday urged its citizens to avoid travelling to Lebanon and advised those already in the country to leave immediately for their safety.

'Western intelligence' warned Hariri of assassination plot

05 November, 2017

Lebanon is still left in a state of confusion following Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri's surprise resignation this week, although debate rages about an alleged assassination plot.

Bahrain revisits Qatar border dispute amid ongoing blockade

05 November, 2017

Bahrain has claimed the right to take Qatari territory as tensions between the two countries escalate amid a months-long blockade of Doha.

Activists demand US suspend Bahrain prince’s diplomatic visa

02 November, 2017

Human rights activists are urging the US to suspend the diplomatic visa of Prince Nasser bin Hamad al-Khalifa over allegations of torture during the 2011 protests.

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