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UAE military officials 'visit Israel' amid growing ties

05 July, 2018

An Emirati military delegation is in Israel for an official visit, an Israeli media outlet reported, in the latest move that reveals the growing bond between the two countries.

EU condemns UAE for 'destabilising' Somalia over Qatar crisis

05 July, 2018

The European Parliament on Wednesday slammed the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for taking retaliatory actions against Somalia for the country's neutral position on the ongoing blockade of Qatar.

Saudi police arrest Qatar pilgrim on 'terror charges'

05 July, 2018

Saudi authorities have arrested a Qatari man as he performed pilgrimage to Islam's holiest site amid a year-old diplomatic spat between Doha and its Gulf neighbours.

Denmark's Islamophobic 'ghetto' laws: A slippery slope towards fascism

04 July, 2018

Comment: The package of measures passed by Danish legislators in May is misguided, racist and undermines the justice system, writes Khaled Diab.

UN urges Egypt to release daughter of Qatar-based cleric

03 July, 2018

The United Nations has called on Egyptian authorities to release the daughter of prominent Muslim scholar who has been held in solitary confinement for over one year.

Qaradawi accuses Egypt of imprisoning daughter over Qatar crisis

03 July, 2018

Egyptian Muslim scholar Yusuf al-Qaradawi has accused Cairo of holding his daughter for over a year in solitary confinement due to a regional feud with Qatar.

Ireland to export meat to Qatar, following trade deal

03 July, 2018

Irish farmers will export meat to Qatar, as a blockade on the Gulf state pushes it to find new trading partners.

Saudi hajj rules complicate pilgrimage for blockaded Qataris

02 July, 2018

Qatari authorities have denied Saudi accusations suggesting it failed to respond to Hajj and Umrah authorities to allow Qataris to attend the pilgrimage this year.

Qatar invests half billion dollars in Sudan agriculture

30 June, 2018

Qatar has announced plans to invest $500 million into Sudan's agricultural and food sectors over the next three years, state-run news agency QNA reported on Thursday.

UAE's blockade on Qatar spread a 'climate of fear'

29 June, 2018

Qatar is appealing to the UN's top court against the year-long blockade imposed by the UAE and its Gulf allies.

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