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'Black day' in Bahrain as executions spark violent protests

15 January, 2017

Protests erupted in Bahrain after three Shia men were executed for allegedly killing police officers in a bomb attack, despite concerns surrounding the evidence in the case.

Protests in Bahrain against 'imminent execution' of prisoners

14 January, 2017

Protests broke out in Bahrain on Saturday against the imminent executions of three men convicted of a deadly attack on police, which rights groups say was based on unfair trials.

From Arab Spring to Winter

13 January, 2017

Comment: Six years ago, the region was awash with hope as Arabs protested and demanded change. Today's landscape is dramatically different, but who's really to blame? asks Noor El-Terk.

Bahrain court approves execution of bomb blast death perpertrators

09 January, 2017

Bahrain will put to death three people for planting a bomb near Manama in 2014 which killed police and an Emirati officer.

Saudi Arabia dismisses talk of migrant labour reforms

09 January, 2017

Qatar and Bahrain recently announced plans to reform their migrant labour laws in the face of criticism. But on Sunday Riyadh baulked at suggestions it could follow suit.

Saudi Arabia mired in quicksand of the Middle East

05 January, 2017

The long read: Two years after acceding to the throne, King Salman faces mounting challenges; both regional and domestic, and questions around his succession remain unanswered, writes Alain Gresh.

Nabeel Rajab's pre-trial detention 'illegally' extended by 15 days

05 January, 2017

Nabeel Rajab's lawyer, Mohammad al-Jishi told The New Arab that the Bahraini activist's detention was illegal and the prosecution did not have any evidence to support his continued detention.

Officials sanctioned after Bahrain jailbreak

05 January, 2017

Bahraini officials are being investigated over a jailbreak at the kingdom's central prison over the weekend.

The spirit of the Arab Spring laid to rest

03 January, 2017

Comment: Bouazizi's self-immolation is widely recognised as sparking the Arab Spring. On the anniversary of the Tunisian's death, James Snell asks what has happened to the movement's hope and optimism.

Bahrain's most wanted: Jailbreak fugitives named by authorities

01 January, 2017

Ten inmates are on the run after a terror cell attacked Jaw Prison in Bahrain on Sunday, killing a policeman. The prison holds those convicted following anti-government protests.

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