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Bahrain sentences three to death for police bombings

23 March, 2017

A Bahraini appeals court sentenced three people to death on Thursday over bombings that targeted police patrols in a majority-Shia village, the state-run news agency reported.

UAE summons Swiss ambassador over Bahrain human rights remarks

20 March, 2017

The UAE summoned the Swiss ambassador to discuss and condemn a statement made by her country on Tuesday about the human rights situation in Bahrain.

Bahrain mourners clash with police after Shia inmate's funeral

18 March, 2017

Police fired buckshot to disperse crowds that gathered to mourn an inmate who died while serving a 15-year sentence for taking part in anti-regime demonstrations.

Explosive boat-drones used by Yemen rebels 'designed by Iran'

17 March, 2017

Video: Remotely controlled explosive boats used by Houthi rebels in Yemen were designed by Iran, a US defence official has suggested.

Saudi Arabia: Iran pilgrims to join this year's hajj

17 March, 2017

Iranian pilgrims will take part in this year's hajj in Saudi Arabia after progress in talks between the two sides.

Why Hip-Hop? Revolution hits the Arab Spring airwaves

17 March, 2017

'Laish Hip-hop' is the first Saudi radio show dedicated to showcasing regional talents. Launched during the Arab Spring, it focuses on artists using music to discuss social and political issues.

Weapons sales: The key to Russia's Middle East agenda

13 March, 2017

Analysis: Moscow is seeking to expand its influence in the region, but it will have to play the long-game given the current geopolitical environment.

Exiled Bahraini activist's family 'detained as revenge'

08 March, 2017

Two relatives of a London-based critic have been arrested without charge in Bahrain, according to Human Rights Watch, following a campaign of harassment against his loved ones still living there.

Bahrain postpones trial of high-profile activist Nabeel Rajab

07 March, 2017

Tuesday was the fourth suspension in Rajab's trial, which opened in January.

Mubarak's acquittal: Back to square one?

06 March, 2017

Comment: Rather than being a source of shock and anger, Mubarak's recent acquittal on all charges is a reminder that the 'deep state' is very much intact, writes Mohamed ElMeshad.

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