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Sudan makes 'positive' steps on meeting sanctions terms: US

25 June, 2017

Sudan has made "positive" steps towards meeting Washington's conditions for permanently lifting 20-year-old sanctions on the African country, the US envoy to Khartoum said.

Car ploughs into Muslim Eid celebrations in Newcastle

25 June, 2017

A car which ploughed into a crowd of people celebrating the end of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan has left at least six injured, reports confirmed on Sunday.

Saudi-led ultimatum on Qatar 'against international law': Erdogan

25 June, 2017

The Turkish President slammed on Sunday the sweeping list of demands from Saudi Arabia and its allies to Qatar as an attack on the sovereign rights of a state.

Trump may abandon Israeli-Palestinian talks after ‘tense’ meeting

25 June, 2017

Donald Trump is reportedly considering abandoning Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations following a 'tense' meeting between senior adviser Jared Kushner and Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah.

Qatar voices support for Saudi Arabia after Mecca bombing

24 June, 2017

Qatar has voiced support for Saudi Arabia over a suicide bombing near Islam's holiest site in Mecca despite their severed ties.

Egyptian TV host's anger at 'women giving birth'

24 June, 2017

Amr Adeeb, a journalist known for his war apologism and undying loyalty to the Sisi regime, has sparked controversy for telling women off for giving birth.

Israel strikes Syrian tanks in retaliation over stray mortars

24 June, 2017

Security was amped up in the border region between Syria and Israel on Saturday, after a number of "errant" mortars landed in an open area without causing injury.

Report: CIA boss' secret talks with Syrian spy chief

24 June, 2017

New report reveals how CIA chief Mike Pompeo's effort to secure an American hostage collapsed after Washington accused Damascus of carrying out chemical attacks.

Majority of US terrorists are far-right extremists: Report

24 June, 2017

New research finds that US terror incidents involving right-wing extremists are almost twice the number of those involving extreme Islamists.

Attack on Mecca's grand mosque averted after assailant cornered

24 June, 2017

Saudi interior ministry says it has prevented an attack on Mecca's grand mosque by cornering a would-be attacker at an Islamist militant hideout in the holy city.

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