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Saudi Aramco IPO 'still on track' for 2018

18 October, 2017

Saudi Arabia's oil minister has tried to reassure the country and possible investors about rumours emerging this week that a planned IPO of state-owned oil giant Aramco could be shelved.

China 'offers to buy five percent of Saudi Aramco'

16 October, 2017

Chinese state-owned oil companies are reportedly looking to directly purchase a five percent share in Saudi Aramco that the kingdom is considering listing as an IPO in 2018.

Saudi keeps options open on Aramco IPO​

15 October, 2017

Saudi Arabia is keeping its options open on the sale of Aramco shares, following reports that the IPO could be limited to the Riyadh stock exchange.

Saudi Aramco denies international IPO is being shelved

14 October, 2017

Saudi oil giant moves to allay speculation that it is considering shelving or scrapping its international IPO following reports in Western media outlets.

Oil prices stabilise after Saudi output cut pledge

09 October, 2017

Saudi Arabia's recent output cuts has seen oil prices rise, but a jolt might not necessarily be a good thing for the kingdom, economists have warned.

Saudi Arabia signs key arms deals in Russia visit

05 October, 2017

Saudi Arabia on Thursday signed preliminary agreements to buy S-400 defence systems and receive cutting edge technologies from Russia during King Salman's landmark visit to Moscow.

Saudi economy shrinks in the first half of 2017

01 October, 2017

If the gloomy figures persist, the Saudi economy is likely to contract in 2017 for the first time since the 2008 global financial crisis.

How long can China avoid Middle East politics?

27 September, 2017

Comment: China has fostered economic ties with Iran, Israel, Palestine, Saudi Arabia and others. How long until it too, must pick sides in Middle East regional disputes? asks Peter Frankopan.

It is still possible to protest in Saudi Arabia

21 September, 2017

A group of exiled opposition figures are organising small-scale, anonymous protests in Saudi Arabia, with videos emerging of citizens mocking the new crown prince, reports Robert Cusack.

Iran group 'hacking aviation, petrochemicals' in Saudi Arabia, US

20 September, 2017

A group of hackers suspected of working for the Iranian government is targeting the aviation and petrochemical industries in Saudi Arabia, the US and South Korea.

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