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Bahrain temporarily frees female activist detained on 'terrorism' charges

23 October, 2017

During her detention, there were concerns that activist Ebtisam al-Sayegh, who is facing "terrorism" charges, had been tortured and sexually assaulted by Bahraini security forces.

Russia likens US-led bombing of Raqqa to WWII Dresden

22 October, 2017

Russia, who has been operating a bombing campaign in Syria in support of Assad's regime, has likened the US coalition's operations against IS Raqqa to Second World War Dresden.

Putin, Erdogan discuss Syria in phone call: Kremlin

22 October, 2017

The Kremlin said President Vladimir Putin and Turkey's President Tayyip Erdogan discussed an upcoming meeting of the Astana process on the Syrian conflict, during a phone call on Saturday.

UN Syria envoy in Moscow ahead of peace talks

18 October, 2017

Staffan de Mistura and Russia's Sergei Shoigu met in Moscow on Wednesday, to discuss ways of moving toward a stable political settlement in war-torn Syria.

Ex-Tunisian dictator Ben Ali makes public appearance

15 October, 2017

Photos of the ousted ex-Tunisian dictator Zine El Abidine Ben Ali attending the lavish engagement of his daughter appeared online on Friday.

Turkish army installs 'observation posts' in Syria's Idlib

13 October, 2017

The Turkish army has begun setting up 'observation posts' in Syria's north-western Idlib province as part of their efforts to create a de-escalation zone, the military said on Friday.

Living histories: Potent longings for fragile homelands

11 October, 2017

The British Museum's historical approach to contemporary art is well-suited to these works from Syria and Iraq, whose origins betray an optimism for a better future, writes Hadani Ditmars.

Jordan says hosting Syrian refugees has cost $10 billion

10 October, 2017

The Jordanian foreign ministry said "more than $10.3 billion" (8.7 billion euros) had been spent on putting up Syrian refugees.

For the love of the game

10 October, 2017

Comment: Unlike Mubarak before him, Sisi can't use football as a PR tool, but the regime can still exploit it to rally blinding patriotism, writes Gehad Quisay.

Morocco's oldest political party Istiqlal elects new leader

08 October, 2017

Former Finance Minister Nizar Baraka has been elected as the leader of Morocco's oldest political party, Istiqlal's website said on Saturday.

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