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Syria peace talks struggle as dozens killed in bombings

24 February, 2017

The UN sought on Friday to get a new round of Syrian peace talks off the ground, but there were few signs of progress amid dozens more civilian deaths.

Syria a 'testing ground' for deadly new Russian weapons

24 February, 2017

Russia tested 162 new types of weapons in the Syrian conflict, according to the defence minister who said that they proved their 'worth' and hailed Russian military's performance in Syria.

Syria peace talks: No 'miracles' in sight

24 February, 2017

Second day of UN-backed Syria mediation talks begins on Friday as envoy Staffan de Mistura urged an end to the conflict which has killed hundreds of thousands and displaced millions.

Syrian opposition seek direct talks with regime

23 February, 2017

Syria's main opposition group said Wednesday it wanted face-to-face discussions with representatives of the regime of Bashar al-Assad at the new round of peace talks in Geneva.

Bahrain lawmakers approve military trial for civilians

22 February, 2017

Bahrain's MPs voted on Tuesday to change the constitution to allow civilians to be tried in military courts amid a crackdown on dissent.

Four Russian soldiers killed in Syria IED blast

20 February, 2017

Four Russian soldiers were killed and two injured when their vehicle was targeted with explosives in central Syria last week, a defence ministry statement quoted by Russian agencies said Monday.

How Yemen's 2011 peaceful uprising dissolved into all-out war

20 February, 2017

Comment: The power handover resulting from Yemen's Arab Spring was once touted as a model for transition. On the sixth anniversary of the protests, Khalid Al-Karimi asks what went wrong?

Syrian regime targets funeral in rebel-held district

19 February, 2017

At least nine people were killed on Saturday when government forces launched a barrage of rockets that hit a funeral on the edges of the Syrian capital, a monitor said

Al-Bab offensive intensifies as Syrian rebels prepare final offensive

18 February, 2017

Turkish-backed forces have advanced deeper into al-Bab in northern Syria in what could be an intense final battle with IS in the town, while civilian casualties mount.

'Radical Islam', the default demon

17 February, 2017

Comment: For Bannon, 'radical Islam' emerges as a kind of 'default demon', and a Muslim way of life is presented as fundamentally irreconcilable with a Judeo-Christian one, writes Bassel Salloukh.

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