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Violence erupts following Saudi demolition of historic Shia homes

27 June, 2017

Clashes have erupted between Saudi security forces and Shia gunmen after the demolition of centuries-old homes in the Shia town of al-Awamiya.

Morocco king slams development delays in restive north

26 June, 2017

Morocco's King Mohammed VI has slammed ministers for delays in a development programme designed to ease tensions in a region rocked by months of protests.

Assad performs Eid prayers while continuing 'intolerable' massacres

25 June, 2017

Syria's Bashar al-Assad joined Muslim worshippers at the Nouri Mosque for prayers on the first day of the three-day holiday on Sunday, despite an ongoing onslaught in the war-torn country.

Macron says Assad removal no longer priority for France

22 June, 2017

France no longer sees the removal of President Bashar al-Assad as a priority in the Syrian conflict, President Macron said Thursday, making the policy official for the first time.

Saudi Arabia's royal reshuffle

22 June, 2017

Comment: Saudi Arabia under Muhammad bin Salman is likely to take even more hasty, reactionary measures, like the coercion of Qatar and the quagmire in Yemen, writes Yousef Munayyer.

Ennahdha's Ghannouchi sues Sky News Arabia over 'defamatory' report

21 June, 2017

Rached Ghannouchi, chief of Tunisia's Ennahdha party, is taking legal action against Sky News Arabia over a report accusing him of involvement in the assassination of political leader Chokri Belaid.

Saudi bullying of Qatar: A crumbling Game of Thrones

20 June, 2017

Comment: Despite White House support for the Saudi-UAE alliance, it is Qatar thathas emerged with the trump card, writes Emile Nakhleh.

Gulf crisis: The latest offensive of a reactionary coalition

20 June, 2017

Comment: Since the beginning of Qatar's increasing regional activism, reactionary powers have been keen to get rid of such a 'disruptive element' in the region, writes Erick Viramontes.

Fresh Syria talks set for July in Astana

19 June, 2017

The next round of Syria peace talks in Kazakhstan's capital Astana has been scheduled for July 4-5, both Russia and Kazakhstan said on Monday.

Finsbury attack: I'm waiting for a white apology march

19 June, 2017

Comment: Having to prove that not all Muslims are terrorists has become an unfortunate duty. After Finsbury Park, should we expect white people to do the same? asks Gehad Quisay.

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