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The Iraq Report: Terror and corruption cripple hopes

23 August, 2017

Analysis: Welcome to The New Arab's weekly digest of events in Iraq

The demise of Arab-Kurdish solidarity in Syria

22 August, 2017

Comment: Arab-Kurdish solidarity in Syria deteriorated as a result of foreign interests and the regime's war tactics, writes Loubna Mrie.

Rights groups urge Yemen's rebels to free political commentator

18 August, 2017

Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International on Friday urged Yemen's Houthi rebels to free political commentator Hisham al-Omeisy, detained this week in Sanaa.

Al Jazeera journalist barred from reporting in Israel

17 August, 2017

Israel has revoked the press credentials of an Al Jazeera journalist, accusing Elias Karram of bias.

Impunity in Egypt reflects dark legacy of Rabaa Massacre

14 August, 2017

The Rabaa Massacre of over 1,000 people in 2013 marked a dark defining point for human rights, with a subsequent vacuum in justice leading to unchecked state violence ever since.

#Rabaa: 'Egyptians must unite,' says wife of Brotherhood leader

14 August, 2017

The wife of imprisoned Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohammed al-Beltagy has called on Egyptians to reconcile their differences on the anniversary of the Rabaa Massacre.

Nobel laureates urge Saudi not to execute Shia activists

12 August, 2017

Ten Nobel laureates from across the world have penned an open letter urging Saudi Arabian authorities to hold off on the execution of 14 Shia citizens convicted of protest-linked crimes.

Iranian child offender to be 'executed in morning'

09 August, 2017

A 21-year-old Iranian found guilty of a murder as a child will be executed in the coming hours, Amnesty International has warned, with the condemned persistently maintaining his innocence.

Only democracy in the Middle East? Far from it

09 August, 2017

Comment: Free speech is an integral part of any democracy. The legal case against respected Israeli-Canadian reporter and analyst David Sheen lays Israeli hypocrisy to bare, writes Antony Loewenstein.

Iraq to hang 27 over IS Camp Speicher killings

08 August, 2017

An Iraqi criminal court has sentenced 27 men to death over the 2014 Camp Speicher massacre in which IS militants kidnapped and murdered 1,700 Iraqi troops.

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