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Algeria lawmaker under fire over attack on Berber language

10 February, 2018

An Algerian member of parliament has come under fire after she attacked the language of the country's Berber minority in comments that have been widely condemned as racist.

Token brown faces are not what Muslim women want

08 February, 2018

Comment: There is a patronising, racist assumption that Muslim women should be grateful for token Muslims in high places, regardless of what they actually represent politically, writes Malia Bouattia.

Polisario Front leader replaces prime minister

05 February, 2018

Abdelkader Taleb Omar has been forced out, and Mohamed Alwali Akaik, a close ally of the president, has been sworn in, as alliances and rivalries anticipate the Front's forthcoming Congress.

Germany to compensate 25,000 Nazi-persecuted Algerian Jews

05 February, 2018

Germany has officially recognised Algerian Jews as Holocaust survivors for the first time, making them eligible for compensation for the persecution they suffered at the hands of the Vichy regime.

Investigation: Coercive 'voluntary' deportations leave refugees trapped in jail

02 February, 2018

Exclusive: A scheme to repatriate refugees whose asylum bids have been rejected amounts to bullying and bribing desperate people to return to desperate situations, reports Matt Broomfield.

Behind Algeria's Iranian book ban

30 January, 2018

Blog: Fears of Iranian influences sparking sectarian divisions in Algeria are unlikely to stop future cooperation between Algiers and Tehran, writes Habibulah Lamin.

Morocco's first spy satellite fuels regional rivalry

30 January, 2018

Blog: Impoverished citizenries are paying the price as each country races to the stars, writes Habibulah Lamin.

In a suspicious world, Middle East arts flourish

30 January, 2018

It's refreshing to remember that the terrorists depicted in western media and entertainment as modern-day bogeymen represent but an infinitesimal fraction of the real Middle East, writes Jordan Elgrably.

Hashish sparks Algeria-Morocco war of words

29 January, 2018

Chances of a swift resolution go up in smoke as Algeria's accusations against Morocco threaten to deepen the rift between the two countries.

Western Sahara talks represent major challenge to EU

29 January, 2018

Morocco's control of the Western Sahara enables Rabat to maintain strong links with the European Union.

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