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HRW condemns Algeria and Morocco for stranding Syrian refugees

06 May, 2017

Human Rights Watch condemned Algeria and Morocco for leaving 54 Syrian refugees stranded at the border.

Foreign policy: Where France's candidates stand

06 May, 2017

The foreign policy positions of the French presidential contenders are their starkest divide, with Emmanuel Macron urging close cooperation with international institutions and far-right Marine Le Pen championing France-first nationalism

EgyptAir crash 'an accident', say French investigators

06 May, 2017

No traces of explosives were found on the remains of French victims from an EgyptAir plane that crashed into the Mediterranean last year, sources said on Friday.

Algeria ruling coalition wins legislative elections

05 May, 2017

Video: The party of Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika and its coalition ally have won a clear majority in parliamentary elections, the interior ministry said Friday.

Marine Le Pen: France's homegrown threat to democracy

04 May, 2017

Comment: On Sunday the French electorate will be faced with a choice between a self-aware, more progressive form of centrism, and a fascist, Islamophobe who threatens liberal democracy, writes Hamad.

On target: Ronaldo's Moroccan investment hat trick

04 May, 2017

With plans for three Moroccan mega-projects, there are high hopes that the Real Madrid superstar's investments will boost tourism and the economy, writes Mohamed Lamin.

Algerians vote amid anger over economy

04 May, 2017

Algeria opened its polling stations on Thursday, amid soaring unemployment and a deep financial crisis caused by a collapse in oil revenues.

Despondent Algerians head to the polls amid economic uncertainty

04 May, 2017

Apathy has overtaken this year's elections in Algeria as memories of electoral fraud and government corruption hang over the event.

Algeria voter apathy could mar legislative election

03 May, 2017

Algerians go to the polls on Thursday to elect a new Parliament amid concerns that a low turnout will mar a vote which officials say is necessary to maintain stability.

Tunisian security forces storm terror-cell plotting deadly Ramadan attack

30 April, 2017

Two members of a shady Islamist group with links to al-Qaeda and the Islamic State group were killed in a Sunday raid in Sidi Bouzeid, 200 km south-west of Tunis

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