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Outrage as father dangles toddler from tower 'for Facebook'

18 June, 2017

An Algerian man held his two-year-old son outside the window of a high-rise apartment block just to take photos for Facebook, it has emerged.

Algeria army kills three 'armed Islamists' in ongoing crackdown

18 June, 2017

Algeria's army said it had killed three armed Islamists and captured several others in an ongoing operation in the country's east on Sunday.

BAE 'sold mass-surveillance technology that enabled Arab Spring crackdowns'

15 June, 2017

BAE Systems worked with a Danish cyber-security company to create Orwellian mass surveillance technology that led to the mass imprisonment of activists involved in organising popular uprisings, says the BBC.

Syrian refugees still stuck between Morocco and Algeria: NGOs

07 June, 2017

Dozens of Syrian refugees remained stranded in no-man's land between Morocco and Algeria on Tuesday, rights group warned.

Algeria, Egypt and Tunisia push political dialogue in Libya

07 June, 2017

Libya's neighbours on Tuesday agreed to push for political dialogue to end the crisis in Libya, rejecting any foreign interference or a military solution to the conflict.

Three suspected 'Islamists' arrested in Algeria after blast

05 June, 2017

Three suspected Islamists who confessed to planting a home-made bomb that reportedly killed two border patrol soldiers have been arrested, Algerian authorities announced on Sunday.

Brother of IS beheaded Tunisian shepherd killed

04 June, 2017

The brother of a 16-year-old shepherd killed by the Islamic State group was found dead on Friday, after a "terrorist group" announced his abduction, Tunisian officials said.

Algeria takes in stranded refugees as 'Ramadan gesture'

03 June, 2017

The New Arab reported that among the trapped refugees was a pregnant woman who had given birth to her daughter in a climate above 40 degrees Celsius.

UN urges Morocco and Algeria to held stranded Syrians

31 May, 2017

The United Nations' refugee agency has urged North African neighbours to provide safe passage to dozens of Syrians who are stranded in a border zone between Algeria and Morocco.

Algerian immigrants detained in Libya after attempting Europe crossing

30 May, 2017

Dozens of young Algerians are being held in Libyan detention centres, awaiting to be deported back to Algeria.

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