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Algeria's air force chief sacked amid sweeping military shake-up

18 September, 2018

The recent spate of sackings comes just eight months ahead of the North African country's presidential election.

Thriving trade in pirated reads vexes Moroccan bookshops

18 September, 2018

Trade in cheap, illegal copies of literary works is booming in Morocco.

Algeria will take back its citizens illegally in Germany

18 September, 2018

Algeria will accept deportations of its citizens living in Germany.

France admits systematic torture during Algerian war of independence

13 September, 2018

French President Emmanuel Macron admitted that France conducted systematic forms of torture against Algerians as they fought for their independence.

World bids goodbye to Algerian superstar Rachid Taha

13 September, 2018

In his 59 years of life, Rachid Taha gave the world iconic music, social justice and a taste of his homeland.

Pakistan face arch-rivals India in football clash

13 September, 2018

After three years without international football due to terrorism and politics, Pakistan's national team has brought some pride to their country and fans.

Iconic Algerian-French singer Rachid Taha dies aged 59

12 September, 2018

Taha and his group became the standard-bearers for the second generation of the North African community in France.

Saddam Hussein football chant sparks Algeria-Iraq diplomatic crisis

11 September, 2018

Algerian football fans have sparked a minor diplomatic crisis with Iraq after the terraces erupted with chants praising former leader Saddam Hussein and sectarian insults during a match.

Katanec heads Iraq: This week in Middle East football

06 September, 2018

A Slovenian football superstar has been signed up as the head coach of the Lions of Mesopotamia in a three-year contract thought to be worth $1.2m per year.

Cholera scare on Algeria-France flight

05 September, 2018

A sick eight-year-old triggered a cholera scare onboard a flight from the Algerian city of Oran to Perpignan in southern France on Wednesday.

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