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Back to earth: This week in Middle East football

16 October, 2017

Syria's national team stars return to club action, but continue to shine - with some attracting attention from bigger teams abroad, despite losing to Australia in the World Cup qualifiers.

Syrian 'regime soldiers on catwalk' at Beirut fashion show

14 October, 2017

A Syrian fashion designer has sparked anger after she posed on the catwalk with models dressed in Syrian military uniforms at a show in Lebanon.

Turkish army installs 'observation posts' in Syria's Idlib

13 October, 2017

The Turkish army has begun setting up 'observation posts' in Syria's north-western Idlib province as part of their efforts to create a de-escalation zone, the military said on Friday.

Spy games: Is 'heart disease' really killing Russian diplomats?

12 October, 2017

Comment: Heart attacks, brief illnesses, and accidental falls. A disturbing number of high-ranking Russian officials have recently been found dead in murky circumstances, writes Sam Fouad.

IS' defeat in Deir az-Zour will not end extremism

12 October, 2017

Comment: The lack of stability and employment prospects mean that the door to extremism will remain open, even after IS' defeat in the region, writes Mona Alami.

Living histories: Potent longings for fragile homelands

11 October, 2017

The British Museum's historical approach to contemporary art is well-suited to these works from Syria and Iraq, whose origins betray an optimism for a better future, writes Hadani Ditmars.

Syria and beyond: Manufactured doubt and moral atrophy

11 October, 2017

Comment: For Assad's regime, doubt is a political necessity, writes Idrees Ahmad.

Jeremy Corbyn's silence on Syria is hypocritical

10 October, 2017

Comment: Jeremy Corbyn believes one cannot be selective on human rights issues - which makes his position on Syria all the more troubling, writes Sam Hamad.

Syrian regime forces enter IS-held Mayadeen

07 October, 2017

Syrian government forces prepare to deal a 'severe blow' to the IS group amid mounting concerns about civilian casualties.

Save the Children warns Syria schools under fire

06 October, 2017

A rights group has said the escalation in fighting in Syria has also forced hundreds of schools across the country to suspend classes over the past two weeks.

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