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Sharing the costs of rebuilding Syria

25 September, 2018

Comment: The cost of reconstruction of Syria could be split between the regime axis, the US and its allies, and Turkey and its allies, suggests Omer Ozkizilcik.

The White Helmets brace for Syria regime's Idlib offensive

24 September, 2018

Nino Orto speaks to a White Helmets' volunteer in Idlib who warns that there is little room to organise an evacuation if an attack by Syria's brutal regime occurs.

Time limits on Russia-Turkey deal confirm Idlib offensive fears

19 September, 2018

An offensive on Idlib province appears to be a question of when not if, according to details of the draft released today.

Could the Russia-Turkey deal avert disaster in Idlib?

18 September, 2018

Analysis: The deal has bought more time for international diplomacy, but Syrians remain wary - and who could blame them?

Putin, Erdogan agree Idlib plan

18 September, 2018

Russia and Turkey have come to a deal on Idlib, north Syria, where Russia was expected to support a regime offensive.

Russia, Turkey agree to create demilitarised zone in Idlib

17 September, 2018

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said the agreement between Putin and Erdogan meant no military action would be taken against Idlib.

Free Syria's police brace for regime's Idlib offensive

11 September, 2018

As the Assad regime readies for an offensive on Idlib province, the Free Syrian Police say they will continue to protect civilians.

A graveyard's quiet looms over Syria's Idlib

11 September, 2018

Comment: In Idlib, as in Daraa, the world will choose to remain passive while brutal violence tears lives apart, writes James Snell.

I see you, Bashar al-Assad

10 September, 2018

Comment: Assad may have finely tuned his propaganda machine, but history must remember him for what he is; a traitor of the Syrian people, writes Omar Sabbour.

Regime, Russian strikes bombard Syria's Idlib, destroying hospital

09 September, 2018

Air strikes and barrel bombs have knocked out two hospitals in two days, and at least ten civilians have been killed.

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