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Russia, Syrian regime stepping up attacks on Idlib hospitals

29 April, 2017

Russian and Syrian warplanes bombed eleven medical facilities in the rebel-held province of Idlib in April, according to local media sources.

Is Tariq Ramadan whitewashing Iranian brutality in Syria?

28 April, 2017

Comment: It's high time that respected academic and Muslim thinker, Tariq Ramadan publicly recognised that Iran's actions in Syria and beyond are sectarian and genocidal, writes Tallha Abdulrazaq.

Syrian medical NGOs demand end to ‘systematic killing’

28 April, 2017

A coalition of medical NGOs call for an end to the "systematic killing" of medical staff as Assad's regime and Russia continue to target hospitals and medical facilities in Idlib.

Civilian deaths from Russian airstrikes 'highest since Aleppo's fall'

26 April, 2017

The death toll from Russia's fierce bombardment of Syria has shot up over the past two months, coinciding with regime ground offensives, and despite a ceasefire officially being in place.

Guterres: Syria forced evacuations 'may be a war crime'

24 April, 2017

UN chief warns parties involved in evacuating civilians that forced displacement is only permissible for guaranteeing safety or 'for imperative military necessity'.

Deadly regime airstrikes target hospital in opposition-held Syria province

22 April, 2017

Missiles struck a medical centre in Syria's northern rebel-held province, putting the facility built underground for protection out of service and killing a number of its staff

Syrian prisoners freed by regime under evacuation deal

22 April, 2017

The release marks the first phase of an agreement between rebels and the regime to free 750 detainees as part of a deal to evacuate civilians from four besieged towns.

Syria's revolution was nothing to do with sectarianism

21 April, 2017

Comment: The Syrian revolution was about Syrians uniting, regardless of confession, but Assad and Iran are deliberately cultivating sectarianism to their advantage, writes Sam Hamad.

Syria evacuees on the move again after two-day halt

21 April, 2017

Civilians and fighters resume evacuations after spending two nights at a marshalling point where a suicide bomber killed 126 people on Saturday.

Abandoned refugees will eventually leave Greece, legally or illegally

19 April, 2017

A tale of two camps: Refugees in Greece face dramatically different experiences, depending on which camp they end up in, reports Katja Lihtenvalner.

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