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Red Cross slams conditions for Raqqa displaced

17 August, 2017

Those fleeing the fighting in Raqqa are stuck in desperate conditions in desert camps.

UN eyes October for 'real' Syria peace talks: envoy

17 August, 2017

UN envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura said he hopes to launch "real, substantive" peace talks in October, to allow the opposition to develop a pragmatic negotiating strategy.

Saudi Arabia's ultimate betrayal of the Syrian revolution

16 August, 2017

Comment: Turkey has been accused in UAE media of abandoning Syria's rebels, but it is Saudi Arabia and the Emirates who have pursued cynical policies in Syria, writes Sam Hamad

SDF fighters linkup from east, west in Raqqa assault

12 August, 2017

US-backed Syrian fighters advancing on Islamic State militants from the eastern and western parts of Raqqa have linked up for the first time since launching their offensive

Turkey wants to make an example of Afrin

08 August, 2017

Analysis: Turkey may try to compensate for its failure to crush its Syrian Kurdish opponents by bombarding Afrin canton, their smallest, most isolated and vulnerable enclave, notes Paul Iddon.

Even under Trump, warmer relations with Russia are impossible

07 August, 2017

Comment: During his campaign, Trump often expressed his wish to rekindle relations with Russia after Obama. But while Putin remains in power, that will prove impossible, writes James Snell.

Turkey to extend military presence in Syria

06 August, 2017

Turkey is preparing to ramp up its military presence in Syria, as Kurdish forces continue their advance in the north and an al-Qaeda-linked affiliate kicks out Ankara's rebel allies.

How the Islamic State ends: scrambling for Deir al-Zour

04 August, 2017

The 'caliphate' is collapsing and IS leaders are forced to install conscription in Deir al-Zour - an unprecedented move on this scale.

Refugees, fighters reach Syria after truce with Hizballah

04 August, 2017

The refugees and fighters from al-Qaeda's former Syrian branch arrived in bus convoys into the rebel-held area of Al-Saan in the central Syrian Hama province.

UN paid millions to Assad allies on sanctions list

01 August, 2017

The UN paid almost $18 million to companies linked to allies of Syria's President Assad, an annual report from the international body has revealed.

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