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UN slams 'staggering loss of civilian life' in Raqqa

14 June, 2017

United Nations war crimes investigators expressed alarm on Wednesday at the "staggering" number of civilian deaths, as US-backed forces battle to oust IS from its Syrian stronghold.

Syrian government 'using suffering as a war tactic'

31 May, 2017

The UN humanitarian chief says thousands of Syrians in at least 10 communities are facing suffering as the regime denies aid to the needy and pushes people in besieged cities.

The Middle East's graveyard cities

30 May, 2017

Comment: As the battle for Mosul reaches its zenith, it's worth considering the huge scale of the reconstruction challenge ahead, writes James Denselow.

UN: Sarin gas found in Khan Sheikhoun probe samples

24 May, 2017

An international chemical weapons watchdog has found traces of sarin gas in samples from the April 4 attack on the northern Syrian town of Khan Sheikhoun.

Assad turns to Iran to help 'stabilise' battered economy

23 May, 2017

Comment: Syria's economic situation remains in dire straits, but relative 'stability' in regime-held areas has seen Assad turn to Iran for new investment, writes Mona Alami.

The poisonous 'peace process' is an insult to Syrians

17 May, 2017

Comment: Geneva is irrelevant because it presupposes that Assad wants peace, while the rebels know that every aspect of his regime is geared towards extermination, writes Sam Hamad.

Damascus suburb evacuation deal suspended after regime breaks agreement

11 May, 2017

Syrian opposition officials say they are suspending a deal to transfer civilians out of a northern Damascus suburb after the regime went back on the deal by not releasing detainees.

Labour's cluelessness on Syria is not an innocent mistake

06 May, 2017

Labour uses opposition to intervention as a false argument for sparing the Syrian regime from accountability, while many of its symbols associate themselves with dubious regime-affiliated entities, says Imogen Lambert

Guterres: Syria forced evacuations 'may be a war crime'

24 April, 2017

UN chief warns parties involved in evacuating civilians that forced displacement is only permissible for guaranteeing safety or 'for imperative military necessity'.

Syrians tell Trump: 'Chemical weapons aren't our only problem'

12 April, 2017

In-depth: Syrians are far from confident that US missile strikes against Assad are more than a publicity stunt to benefit a flagging Washington administration, report Adam Lucente and Zouhir al-Shimale.

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