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Islamists across Pakistan rally against Trump

07 December, 2017

Hundreds of Islamists have rallied in major cities across Pakistan, condemning President Donald Trump for declaring the city of Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

Suicide bomber targets Afghan political rally

03 December, 2017

A suicide bomber in Afghanistan has killed at least six people, including a child, when they targeted a political rally in the east of the country.

Iran: The beauty in the eye of American beholders

28 November, 2017

Comment: Iran has been viewed by both Republican and Democratic decision-makers as the more beautiful prize, writes Robert Springborg.

Indonesia: Refugees abandoned by Australia in squalid detention centres

22 November, 2017

In-depth: The New Arab has spoken with long-term inmates in Indonesia's infamous detention centres, trapped in squalid conditions with no hope of escape.

US officials accuse Tillerson of violating child soldiers law

22 November, 2017

State officials have accused the US Secretary of State of violating federal law on child soldiers by omitting Myanmar, Iraq and Afghanistan from the list.

The Taliban's massive social media presence that's being ignored

22 November, 2017

Analysis: The United States has spent countless man hours working to counter Islamic State's online presence - but has neglected to do the same in Afghanistan, writes Austin Bodetti.

ICC wants to investigate CIA over Afghanistan 'war crimes'

21 November, 2017

The International Criminal Court prosecutor asked for authorisation on Monday to investigate reported human rights abuses in Afghanistan, including allegations of rape and torture by US military and the CIA.

IS recaptures 'last stronghold' in Syria from regime, Hizballah

13 November, 2017

IS fighters have retaken the town of Albukamal in eastern Syria from Assad regime troops and allied Iranian-backed militias, which Damascus claimed to have captured last week.

Austria's move to the right appears unstoppable

09 November, 2017

In-depth: The return of neo-Nazi parties to the centre stage in Hitler's birthplace should be no surprise, writes Emran Feroz.

On the road to Karbala with Iran's young pilgrims

09 November, 2017

Blog: Somewhere between 20-22 million Shia men and women are descending upon the Iraqi city of Karbala following a long, arduous pilgrimage on foot. Charlotte Phillips was with them.

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