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Taliban seize key battleground in south Afghanistan

23 March, 2017

Taliban militants have captured a key Afghan district after a year-long offensive bringing further fears of ramped up insurgency for the Kabul government.

Taliban attack kills six Afghan intelligence members

21 March, 2017

A suicide car bomber targeted a checkpoint in southern Helmand province manned by intelligence officers, in the latest attack by Taliban insurgents on Afghan security.

How the hijab unveiled Europe's discrimination against Muslims

17 March, 2017

Comment: The European Court of Justice's ruling that companies can tell women not to wear the hijab shows European powers have much in common with Trump, writes Tallha Abdulrazaq.

Another Kabul bombing leaves Afghanistan on tenterhooks

13 March, 2017

The Taliban's infamous Spring offensive seems well underway with another bombing leave Kabul shocked and wondering whether security forces can control the volatile situation.

Eight Afghan police poisoned in 'insider attack'

12 March, 2017

The Taliban claimed responsibility for an 'insider attack' that left eight Afghan policemen dead in a base in the troubled south of the country.

IS claim responsibility for Afghan hospital raid

08 March, 2017

IS-linked media said its militants carried out an undercover attack at an Afghan military hospital in Kabul, as security forces struggle to cope with a growing insurgency.

Afghan militants attack military hospital 'dressed as doctors'

08 March, 2017

Afghanistan is reeling from another suspected Taliban attack, as an ongoing firefight rages between security forces and militants, holed up in a military hospital.

Meeting Abu Hafs: Morocco's radical cleric-turned-rights campaigner

07 March, 2017

Q&A: 'Terror sheikh' Abu Hafs tells The New Arab he is walking a new path of tolerance after jail release.

Death toll rises from Taliban attacks on Afghan security

01 March, 2017

At least 16 people have been killed when Taliban militants bombed several Afghan security centres in the capital Kabul, in another day of bloody violence for the country.

Explosions rock Kabul as Taliban launch coordinated attacks

01 March, 2017

The Taliban have launched a wave of attacks on Afghan security forces in Kabul, as the army and police struggle to cope with a resurgence in militant activity.

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