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Palestinian parties agree on elections by end of 2018

22 November, 2017

Palestinian political parties on Wednesday agreed on the need to hold elections by the end of 2018 after two days of reconciliation talks in Cairo.

Palestine freezes talks after US PLO office closure threats

21 November, 2017

"In practice by closing the office they are freezing all meetings and we are making that official," Palestinian foreign minister Riyad al-Maliki said

Abbas criticises Israel's Fatah arrests as Jerusalem demolitions persist

21 November, 2017

The detentions of Fatah members happened as the settlement and demolitions of Palestinian infrastructure rages on with six new demolition orders in the occupied city of Jerusalem

Palestinian political parties head to Cairo for reconciliation talks

20 November, 2017

Leaders of leading Palestinian political factions headed to the Egyptian capital Cairo on Monday ahead of talks aimed at moving forward a landmark reconciliation agreement signed last month.

Palestine rejects Trump threat to put Ramallah 'on notice'

18 November, 2017

Ramallah said it would not give in to US 'extortion' after reports Trump threatened to close the Palestinian Authority diplomatic mission in Washington.

US threatens Palestinians with closure of PLO's Washington office

18 November, 2017

The Trump administration is attempting to increase its leverage in bringing Israelis and Palestinians to the negotiating table by threatening to close the PLO's Washington mission.

Aggrieved Palestinian families in Gaza reconcile

17 November, 2017

The clashes that broke out between Hamas and Fatah members in 2007 left over 500 Palestinians dead. Last week's reconciliation might offer aggrieved families some peace, writes Rami Almeghari.

After IS, a new tug-of-war in Lebanon and Iraq

17 November, 2017

Comment: In Lebanon and Iraq, non state actors loyal to Iran are impossible to dismantle in the absence of a regional agreement, writes Mona Alami.

Palestine's Independence Day is not something to be celebrated

15 November, 2017

Yasser Arafat declared independence in 1988 only to give up Palestinian sovereignty in the Oslo Accords of 1993, writes Diana Alghoul.

Inside the Battle of Algiers: Lessons for Palestine

14 November, 2017

Comment: Zohra Drif's gripping account of her actions as a young freedom fighter in 1950s Algiers has important lessons for the Palestinian struggle for liberation, writes Vacy Vlazna.

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