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Iraqi forces capture villages in IS-held Tal Afar

21 August, 2017

Iraqi government forces made fresh assault on one of the Islamic State group's last strongholds in the country.

Iraqi Kurds 'may postpone' independence vote for Baghdad concessions

21 August, 2017

Iraqi Kurds could postpone a planned 25 September independence referendum in return for political and economic concessions from Baghdad, a senior Kurdish official said on Saturday.

Iraqi forces make quick gains in IS-held Tal Afar

20 August, 2017

Iraqi forces have advanced from the south into Tal Afar, as the last Islamic State group militants prepare to 'fight to the death' in the stronghold.

Iraqi forces begin operation to retake IS-held Tal Afar

20 August, 2017

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has warned that IS fighters holed up in Tal Afar have no option but to 'surrender or die'.

Iraqi forces 'ready' for next battle against Islamic State

19 August, 2017

Senior US military leaders said that Iraqi forces are largely set for their next major campaign against Islamic State.

An American century in Iraq?

17 August, 2017

Analysis: Washington has been involved in Iraq for at least a quarter of a century already, notes Paul Iddon.

Amal Clooney welcomes Iraq's moves to prosecute IS militants

16 August, 2017

Human rights lawyer Amal Clooney has welcomed Iraq's latest step towards prosecuting IS fighters for war crimes.

Iraq trade minister faces corruption probe

16 August, 2017

Salman al-Jumaili was grilled by parliament over graft allegations linked to his ministry.

Kurdistan referendum team 'hopeful' after meeting with Iraqi PM

15 August, 2017

Delegates from Kurdistan said they are 'hopeful' after a meeting with Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to discuss the autonomous region's bid for independence ahead of a referendum next month.

Iraq bombs IS-held Tal Afar ahead of ground-assault

15 August, 2017

Iraq has announced the start of an bombing campaign of IS-held Tal Afar, the next target in the war against the Sunni militant group after the recapture of Mosul.

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