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Aktham Saif al-Din

Iran 'annoyed' by Iraqi reforms

Iraqi security forces in Baghdad are not immune to the proposed reforms [AFP]

Date of publication: 9 September, 2015

Analysis: The reforms launched by Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi have been a source of consternation for Iran, according to an Iraqi official.

It seems the reforms launched by Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi have been a source of consternation for Iran, which sees Iraq as its backyard.

Iran has come out in opposition to most of Iraq's reforms, triggering a dispute that is the first of its kind between Tehran and Abadi.

"The protests and popular anger have prompted Abadi to launch reforms and issue a number of pledges without prior coordination with any side," an official in the ruling National Alliance in Iraq told al-Araby al-Jadeed's Arabic service.

The reforms included sacking most advisers in Iraqi ministries, who had been tasked with monitoring and evaluating the work of government institutions.

"The sensitive ministries in Iraq had Iranian advisers," the official continued, "who were included in the dismissals and downsizing, drawing the ire of the Iranian embassy in Baghdad."

According to the Iraqi official, the Iranian ambassador Hassan Danaii told Abadi his country was opposed to any attempt to dispose of those advisers. "The [ambassador's] move undermines Abadi's reform measures and has angered him."

The official said the pledges and reforms announced by Abadi needed to be fulfilled, especially since they had been approved by the government and parliament, with a deadline set for implementation.

"Some political parties inside the National Alliance are trying to sabotage the relationship between Abadi and Tehran."

The Iraqi parliament has given the prime minister one month to implement his reforms. More than 25 days have already passed since the deadline was set. ​
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