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Syrian regime apologises for controversial broadcast - of a nude cartoon Open in fullscreen

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Syrian regime apologises for controversial broadcast - of a nude cartoon

Syrians mocked the apology on social media [Facebook]

Date of publication: 23 April, 2019

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A Syrian regime-operated television channel has apologised for broadcasting an 'offensive scene' - but the scene wasn't one of destruction or civilian deaths.
A Syrian regime-owned television channel has apologised for broadcasting controversial and potential offensive images.

But the channel wasn't apologising for showing images of the bombardment of homes in Idlib, chemical attacks in Ghouta or other brutal attacks on civilians over the course of Syria's eight-year civil war.

Syrian Drama TV got into hot water with some viewers after screening an episode of Japanese anime Sasuki in which a female character was pictured shirtless.

Some viewers were shocked, as a partially naked animated woman would normally have been blurred out by state censors.

Syrian viewers called on the channel to apologise for failing to censor the show, which is directed at children, despite being eagle-eyed about banning being screened that might be slightly detrimental to Bashar al-Assad's brutal regime.

"We must apologise to our viewers, because we made a mistake and an apologise is the right thing to do," Syrian Drama TV said in a statement on Monday, adding that it would take steps to ensure the "gross error" of broadcasting an "offensive scene" would not happen again.

Syrians on social media ridiculed the channel's apology.

"The Oil Ministry greatly appreciates brother Sasuki for making everyone turn their eyes to the show, rather than the ministry," one user tweeted.

Regime-held areas in Syria are currently experiencing an extreme fuel shortage.

Syrians in the capital Damascus could even be seen travelling on horseback and in horse-drawn carriages due to the shortage.

"US sanctions on Syria will double the siege on us within a few days, but the media is busy with Sasuski's girlfriend's chest," tweeted another person.

Another person, less concerned with the current fuel shortage than with the crimes of the Syrian regime, responded: "These scenes will remain more honourable and modest than those of blood, ruined houses and displaced people… and they are more clean than images of the butcher of Damascus [Bashar al-Assad] hanging everywhere.

"They should apologise to viewers for the really pornographic scenes they have witnessed off the television screen in real life."

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