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Three injured in Saudi Arabia following 'Yemen projectile attack' Open in fullscreen

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Three injured in Saudi Arabia following 'Yemen projectile attack'

Jizan has been a frequent target of Houthi rockets [AFP-file photo]

Date of publication: 16 July, 2018

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A projectile fired from Yemen has injured three people, including a child, when it hit the southern Saudi region of Jizan.
Saudi Arabia has reported that three people were injured, including a child, on Sunday evening, after a projectile fired from Yemen landed in the south of the country.

Saudi civil defence spokesman, Lt. Col. Yahia al-Kahtani, blamed Houthi rebels for the attack on the southern border region of Jizan.

A ten-year-old boy was among the injured, when the rebels targeted the town of al-Aridha, according to AP, with those hurt taken for treatment at a local hospital.

On Saturday, Saudi Arabia reported that it had intercepted a missile fired from Yemen.

Saudi Arabia has been a frequent target of Houthi missile, although most do not hit populated areas.

The Houthis surprised Saudi Arabia earlier this year, when it launched a number of missiles on Riyadh, around 1,000km from the border.

Riyadh has launched its own brutal air campaign on Yemen, with thousands killed since air raids began in March 2015.

Meanwhile, a blockade on the country has seen famine grip Yemen with fears the prolonged war could lead to thousands more starving.

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