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Kuwaiti mother sentenced to death for murdering her disabled daughter

The two Kuwaitis have been charged with murder [AFP]

Date of publication: 1 February, 2018

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A Kuwaiti mother and her boyfriend could soon be put to death, after the pair were found guilty of beating and murdering her disabled daughter.
A Kuwaiti mother has been sentenced to death for murdering her disabled daughter, after police discovered bruises on the body of the five-year-old girl at the crime scene.

The 26-year-old mother - along with her boyfriend - were both arrested in Mubarak al-Kabeer governate last August, after calling emergency services to report that the young girl had died in a fall from their high-rise apartment.

But paramedics and police who arrived at the scene found bruises and burns on their girl's body, Gulf News reported, sparking suspicion about the child's death.

The woman initially accused her boyfriend of beating the child during a walk. After he was arrested, the 24-year-old man said the mother had also abused her child and said that she wanted the girl killed.

If found guilty, the two could face the death penalty with Kuwait ending a four-year freeze on executions last January.

Seven people - including nationals and expatriates - were put to death on 25 January 2017, ending an unofficial four-year montarium on the death penalty.

No further executions have been carried out since.

In the same month, a mother and father were sentenced to death for torturing and murdering their three-year-old child.

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