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Missile hits Syrian refugee camp in Idlib province

The missile struck a makeshift camp in Idlib [Al Jazeera/Zaman al-Wasl]

Date of publication: 14 January, 2018

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An Al Jazeera film crew captured a terrifying missile attack on a makeshift camp for internally displaced Syrians in rebel-held Idlib province.

A missile struck a Syrian refugee camp in opposition-held Idlib province on Sunday, with the terrifying attack captured by an Al Jazeera camera crew.

The film shows a missile hitting a makeshift camp in Idlib province set up for refugees fleeing their homes in Hama following regime incursions.

The explosion causes men, women and children to run for cover, hiding in a ditch as dust and smoke covers the camp, where livestock graze and makeshift tents have been set up.

It is not clear if anyone was hurt in the attack but the attack is one of the clearest indications that Moscow and Damscus have scrapped the Astana agreement, which set up so-called de-conflict zones in Syria.

Idlib is supposed to be covered by the local ceasefire agreement but has come under ferocious aerial assault by Russian and Syrian regime war planes over the past weeks.

Pro-Damascus forces have launched an offensive on Hama and into Idlib.

Around 100,000 Syrians have fled their homes to avoid the fighting and the regime advance into Idlib, the last province held by the opposition.

Scores of civilians have been killed in the intensive air raids, while the rebels have lost ground with the regime capturing dozens of towns and villages.

Last week, a camera crew in Idlib had a lucky escape, when a missile fell behind the presenter but failed to explode. 

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