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Hamas gives Israel 24-hours to respond to hunger strikers

Hamas military wing spokesperson Abu Obeida speaks in the pre-recorded statement [YouTube]

Date of publication: 3 May, 2017

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Hamas' Qassam Brigades gave Israel 24 hours to respond to the demands of hunger striking prisoners, warning it would face consequences for failure to act.
Hamas has given Israel an ultimatum of 24 hours to fulfil the demands of Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike or it will risk increased conditions for future prisoner swaps if they do not comply.

Hamas’ Qassam Brigades spokesperson Abu Obeida said in a pre-recorded statement on Tuesday evening that "the occupation will pay the price each day they delay acceding the demands of the prisoners.”

Abu Obeida paid tribute to the mass hunger strikes, organised by prominent Palestinian leader Marwan Barghouti. He said the hunger strikes are a form of resistance against the Israeli occupation, and also a show of solidarity toward Gaza, which has been besieged for 10 years.

Abu Obeida also called on West Bank residents to march in a day of anger on Wednesday.

More than 1,600 prisoners took part in the hunger strike that began on April 17, ingesting only water and salt. However, the number of strikers has now decreased to just below 1,000 people.

Israeli prison authorities are taking disciplinary measures to pressure the Palestinian prisoners to end their strikes.

Israeli settlers have also used the hunger strikes as an opportunity to taunt Palestinians. Days after the hunger strike was announced, dozens of Israeli settlers organised a barbeque outside a jail near Ramallah.

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