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Syrian rebels down regime helicopter in Hama offensive

A Jaish al-Izza prepares the TOW missile that was fired at the helicopter [Twitter]

Date of publication: 2 September, 2016

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One of several rebel groups advancing in Syria's west-central Hama province on Thursday released footage of a helicopter being shot down just miles regime-controlled Hama city.
Syrian rebels advancing on the Syrian city of Hama downed a regime helicopter with a TOW missile Friday, rebel-released footage has shown.

Jaish al-Izza - a factions of the Western-backed Free Syrian Army, published a video online which shows its fighters targeting and shooting the aircraft, which bursts into flames.

In a statement, the rebel group said it had destroyed a "Russian helicopter" close to the village of Rahbat al-Khattab, around 5km from the outskirts of regime-controlled Hama city. 

However, subsequent reports have disputed the group's claims, saying that the downed aircraft had in fact belonged to the Syrian regime.

According to the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights [SOHR], the helicopter was struck as it attempted to land. It added that the fate of the crew has yet to be confirmed. 

Since September 2015, Russia has been directly involved in military operations in Syria, when it began airstrikes to support the embattled regime of President Bashar al-Assad. 

The footage circulated on social media by Jaish al-Izza [Twitter] 

This latest development comes as rebel groups continue their attempt to wrest Hama from regime control.

According to the SOHR, the huge assault launched earlier this week is the largest coordinated rebel attack on the province since 2014.

In response to this major incursion, pro-government forces have launched ground and aerial attacks on the rebel groups, while also targeting civilians fleeing the escalation of violence.

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