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Egypt's state-run newspaper warns of uprising against police brutality

Public outrage over widespread incidents of police brutality has increased in recent months [Getty]

Date of publication: 4 May, 2016

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Police brutality will trigger another revolution in Egypt and the minister of interior must get the axe, said an editorial in the country's main state-run newspaper, al-Ahram, on Tuesday.

Egypt's main state-run newspaper has published an "unprecedented editorial" lashing out at police and sounding the alarm that unchecked police brutality will set off another popular uprising.

An unsigned al-Ahram editorial on Tuesday called for the Minister of Interior, Magdy Abdel Ghaffar, to be dismissed over Sunday's raid of the Press Syndicate and arrest of two prominent journalists.

The journalists had filed a lawsuit against the police over "police violations" against journalists covering recent anti-government street protests.

"The whole of the Ministry of Interior's apparatus has made a mistake with the raid of the press syndicate... Journalists are not are not terrorists, who can be raided by a group of police officers," the editorial read.

"One move is expected: the dismissal of the Minister of Interior in response to this loathsome act, which has sickened the whole of Egypt at a time when many families are grieving the absence of their young people behind bars without charges."

The state newspaper also warned the police of the ramifications of their actions, referring to the 2011 uprising which was in part triggered by widespread police brutality.

"We have learned from experience, which the security services, unfortunately, have yet to grasp, that the people are ones who choose their destiny with their will - not leaders."

"If the people rise up in rebellion for their freedom, they will not be stopped by anyone not even the highest ramparts and the police with their weapons," it added.

The Press Syndicate on Tuesday denounced the police raid on its offices and accused the government of being "at war" with their profession.

Public outrage over widespread incidents of police brutality has increased in recent months. Last week a police officer shot a minibus driver in the groin following a dispute over the fare.

The surprising jab at the police from the state-run paper, which has vehemently backed the government of President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, has sparked much commentary on social media.

Translation: "The esteemed al-Ahram newspaper wrote Tuesday morning that the police have made many mistakes. Where have you guys been? Or is it now that you're in danger you've started to get worried."

Translation: "Unprecedented condemnation of the police from a national newspaper."

Translation: "They probably will keep the Minister of Interior, Magdi Abdel Ghaffar, and sack the editor in chief of al-Ahram."

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