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Israel cancels top military post for alleged rapist

The Israeli chief of staff revoked the nomination of officer Ofek Buchris [Getty]

Date of publication: 10 March, 2016

An Israeli brigadier-general facing charges of rape has lost his nomination to lead the army's Operations Division, responsible for all military actions, as the investigation continues.

A top Israeli military officer facing rape allegations has lost his nomination to command the army's vital Operations Division.

Ofek Buchris, who has been accused of at least five counts of rape, in addition to sodomy and sexual assault, by two female former soldiers, had been due to take over the position this month. The division is responsible for all Israeli military operations.

Israeli Chief of Staff Gadi Eisenkot revoked his nomination to lead the division on Thursday, amid ongoing investigations.

Last Monday, Buchris, a brigadier-general, was suspended from his position for two weeks.

Military prosecutors said he was under investigation for sexual misconduct, suspected of five counts of rape, sodomy and indecent assault against a subordinate female soldier over an extended period of time.

Buchris' suspension was later extended for an additional month as the investigation continued.

Judge Maya Heller said military prosecutors had presented the court with "sufficient evidence" implicating Buchris, noting she was in favour of publicly identifying him to spur other potential victims to step forward.

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