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No dairy like dromedairy: Camel-milk baby formula hits Gulf shelves

Camel milk has long been a nutritious staple of the Bedouin diet [Getty]

Date of publication: 25 February, 2018

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Superfood or super flop? Gulf company Camelicious is looking to make camel milk mainstream by creating the world's first camel-milk-based baby formula.

Gulf-based camel product company Camelicious has unveiled what it calls the world's first camel-based baby formula, an instant powder mix aimed mainly at infants allergic to cow's milk.

The Emirates Industry for Camel Milk & Products, a.k.a. Camelicious, unveiled the product last week at Gulfood 2018, an international food and beverage trade event in Dubai. 

The nutrient-rich milk, which it says is suitable for children ages one to three, primarily targets infants allergic or intolerant to cow's milk.

Although the company is also targeting health conscious parents, boasting that camel's milk contains ten times the iron found in cow's milk along with a host of vitamins, and that lactose in camel's milk is easier to digest than that from cows, which could make it set for superfood status as the latest foodie fad seems to be going cow dairy-free.

Camel milk has for centuries been a staple for nomadic Bedouin tribes across the Gulf, who still incorporate the vitamin-rich milk in their modern-day diets. 

'The world's first camel milk based baby formula' [Camelicious]

Both camel milk and meat have gained popularity as a delicatessen in the Gulf in recent years, with camel chocolates, camel carpaccio, camel burgers and now camel baby formula making their way into restaurants and home kitchens.

Camelicious touts a range of camel milk-based products in its range, including cheese, ice-cream and protein bars, as well as "life style camel products" such as iced coffee.

"Camel milk represents an integral part of the Arabic and Islamic...culture and heritage," said Camelicious general manager Saeed Juma Bin Subaih. 

"This milk genuinely complements UAE values and traditions that are handed down from one generation to another".

Cows could see the milk of their distant desert cousins make it to the mainstream, after a range of products were stocked by UK supermarket chain Asda in November last year.

Agencies contributed to this report.

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