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Jordan's King Abdullah channels his inner saltbae on Instagram Open in fullscreen

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Jordan's King Abdullah channels his inner saltbae on Instagram

King Abdullah II has still got it [Instagram/Nusr Gökçe]

Date of publication: 18 March, 2017

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A famous Turkish chef who became the saltbae meme has posted a picture of King Abdullah II of Jordan doing his signature flamboyant salt sprinkling shuffle
Abdullah II, the king of Jordan, is no stranger to pop culture.

He is a known trekkie - or Star Trek fan - complete with his own cameo on the show, as well as a rumoured gamer and biker.

King Abdullah and his wife, Queen Rania, are popular figures on social media, commanding millions of fans and followes on various platforms.

They also have attracted a fair share of criticism, given Jordan's poor human rights record -- criticising the king is illegal and a criminal offence in the kingdom -- and Jordan's chuminess with Israel.

To all this perhaps, the king would say 'haters gonna hate'.

And this is the attitude that he seems to have taken with him while visiting Turkey's accidental celebrity and human meme Nusret Gökçe, better known as #saltbae.

Gökçe is a Turkish chef who became famous when a video of him flamboyantly sprinkling salt before slicing and dicing a steak went viral. Millions now follow his Instagram page and his fans include football superstars, Rihanna and, now, the Jordanian king.

On Saturday, Gökçe  posted pictures of the king doing the famous saltbae gesture standing next to him, as well as pictures of Queen Rania.

That would make for a royal shawarma. MMMmm.

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