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Notorious Egyptian belly dancer joins national morality campaign

Masry was disqualified from running for parliament last year [YouTube]

Date of publication: 19 February, 2016

Sama al-Masry a notorious belly dancer known for her provocative stances and statements has decided to take part in a national campaign to get Egyptians to behave better.

A notoriously controversial Egyptian belly dancer has decided to join a campaign to encourage moral excellence led by pro-government religious figures including the previous Mufti, Ali Gomaa.

Sama al-Masry, an outspoken supporter of the Egyptian government, announced this week she would become involved in the "Our Morals" campaign, much to the amusement of social media users.

"I knew very well that I would be attacked for merely announcing I was joining the campaign. I expected it and what I expected happened. I don't get angry when I am attacked, I've become used to it," said Masry.

"The people criticising me are loudmouths and don't know what is in the best interests of the country," she added.

The campaign was launched this month by TV preacher Amr Khaled to counter the "moral decline" in Egyptian society.

In her videos, Masry often sings politically themed songs while shaking her hips.

The lyrics tend to be nationalist attacks on the banned Muslim Brotherhood, tinged with humour and sexual metaphors.

In one of her most famous videos, "Hey Obama," she criticises Barack Obama for supporting "terrorism" and praises the Egyptian army for being "very strong."

Last year, Masry was disqualified from running for parliament because she did not have a "good reputation" - a mandatory requirement without which members of parliament may face "instabilities" in carrying out their duties, an Egyptian court ruled.

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