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Sibylle Bandler

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Sibylle Bandler
Sibylle Bandler

Bandler is a German journalist and researcher.

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Germany closes the door to human rights in Egypt

23 June, 2015

Europe is cashing in on Cairo's crackdown on freedom, with Sisi's visit to Berlin marking another blow against human rights activists in Egypt, says Sibylle Bandler.

Kidnap, ransom and cruelty: refugees face hardships over land

15 June, 2015

Comment: A growing number of refugees are tirning away from the dangerous Mediterranean route to get to the EU overland. But even this journey has its dangers, says Sibylle Bandler

Germany, no dreamland for the huddled masses

11 June, 2015

Analysis: Germany receives more asylum applications than anywhere else in the world. But for some refugees, the reality is far from their hopes of safety, says Sibylle Bandler.

Germany rolls out the red carpet for the dictator

04 June, 2015

Comment: Angela Merkel put money over morals when she invited Abdel Fattah al-Sisi to Berlin, says Sibylle Bandler.

Drone case struck down, but the fight continues

02 June, 2015

Feature: A US drone attack which killed two civilians in Yemen is at the centre of a German court case that has changed the debate on drones, says Sibylle Bandler.

Sisi visit sows divisions among German leaders

02 June, 2015

Comment: The German president sent a clear message by refusing to meet Abdel Fatah al-Sisi. But Berlin still sees the Egyptian president as crucial to stability, says Sibylle Bandler.

Germany-Israel relations: Treading a fine line

14 May, 2015

Comment: The German government's Middle East policy seems to walk a fine line between its trade and political interests and human rights concerns, argues Sibylle Bandler.

Germany softens stance on Egypt, despite the hard truths

08 May, 2015

Comment: Relations hit a low last year when Berlin criticised Cairo's human rights record. The story has now changed, even if the record hasn't, says Sibylle Bandler.

Planned in US, operated in Germany, killed in Yemen

23 April, 2015

Comment: A Yemeni man says a US drone that killed his relatives was operated out of Germany. Berlin denies any role, but evidence suggests otherwise, says Sibylle Bandler.

In search of Germany's Middle East policy

16 April, 2015

Analysis: Germany's government has come under fire for its Middle East policy - or lack of same

German MPs call for end to Saudi arms deals

07 April, 2015

Government under pressure to end arms sales to Riyadh following reports of indiscriminate attacks on civilians in Yemen.

Sibylle Bandler
Sibylle Bandler

Bandler is a German journalist and researcher.

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