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A Yemeni journalist

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A Yemeni journalist
A Yemeni journalist

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UN monitors alone cannot establish peace in Yemen

30 January, 2019

Comment: A broader crisis of trust is stopping the warring sides from implementing their side of the peace agreement, writes a Yemeni journalist.

Few hopes of reaching peace in Yemen

24 January, 2019

Analysis: The United Nations is looking to adopt another approach to bring the Yemen crisis to an end after a number of failed attempts in 2018.

Houthi handover of Hodeida: Peace sign or political manoeuvre?

08 January, 2019

The success of the Hodeida truce is contingent on the role of the UN and the desire to impose a new status quo in the Yemeni port city.

Turning Yemen's ceasefire into long-term peace

14 December, 2018

Comment: Peace talks in Sweden yielded positive results, but for long-lasting peace in Yemen, deep-rooted political divisions must also be addressed, writes a Yemeni journalist.

What's in store for the Yemeni rial?

11 December, 2018

Government efforts are underway to speed up the rise of the currency considering the formidable economic and political challenges, but economists are showing cautious optimism towards this development.

UAE and Yemen's Al-Islah: An alliance of convenience only

20 November, 2018

Comment: Yemen's Al-Islah party has good reason to treat the rapprochement with longtime enemy the UAE with caution, writes a Yemeni journalist.

The UAE wields a double-edged sword in Yemen

06 November, 2018

The UAE's thirst for hegemony over Yemen, particularly in the south, is becoming an obstacle to peace in the war-torn country.

Khashoggi's murder comes as little surprise to war-weary Yemenis

26 October, 2018

Comment: For four years now Yemenis have suffered the consequences of a callous Saudi regime, writes a Yemeni journalist.

Yemen needs self-rule, not another Saudi bailout

04 October, 2018

Comment: The Saudi-led coalition gives Yemen leftovers and robs it of its sovereignty, independence and dignity, writes a Yemeni journalist.

Irreversible war and humanitarian catastrophe grip Yemen's Hodeida

25 September, 2018

Hodeida is undergoing a state of horror and hunger as a lack of access to food, water and medicine threatens thousands of lives and forces families to flee.

What's behind crumbling Saudi support in Yemen's south?

13 September, 2018

Comment: Even those in the south who once supported a Saudi-led intervention are turning against the coalition, writes a Yemeni journalist.

A precious opportunity for peace in Yemen

22 August, 2018

Comment: The upcoming UN peace talks present an invaluable new window for negotiating peace, writes a Yemeni journalist.

A Yemeni journalist
A Yemeni journalist

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