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CJ Werleman

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CJ Werleman
CJ Werleman

CJ Werleman is the author of 'Crucifying America', 'God Hates You, Hate Him Back' and 'Koran Curious', and is the host of Foreign Object.

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Millennials hold the key to freeing Palestine

25 May, 2018

Comment: Time is running out for Israel, writes CJ Werleman. Demographics (and international law) are on the Palestinians' side.

The US is becoming a pariah state

22 May, 2018

Comment: The United States' ill-conceived and diabolically executed 'war on terror' began the rapid erosion of the idea of the US as a stabilising force, writes CJ Werleman.

Israeli forces kill Palestinians for sport

15 May, 2018

Comment: Israel is killing human beings who pose no threat to the state of Israel or its citizens, writes CJ Werleman.

It's time to talk about Israel's nuclear weapons

10 May, 2018

Comment: While the United States fixates on Iranian nuclear ambitions, it ignores the only actual credible nuclear threat in the region: Israel, writes CJ Werleman.

In Israel, extremist rabbis are becoming the norm

07 May, 2018

Comment: Benjamin Netanyahu has come to depend on extremist rabbis and the ultra-orthodox community for his political survival, writes CJ Werleman.

Netanyahu's Iran gobbledynuke

02 May, 2018

Comment: Netanyahu's claims about Iran were as cartoonish and absurd as the high school level PowerPoint presentation that supported them, writes CJ Werleman.

Israel will not make it to 100

23 April, 2018

Comment: Israel has historically enjoyed the bipartisan support of the US, but sympathies are changing and the era of unconditional political support is coming to an end, writes CJ Werleman.

Israel: A radicalised state built on fear and violence

19 April, 2018

Comment: From Tel Aviv liberals to the ultra-orthodox community of Jerusalem, Israeli public discourse towards Palestinians is increasingly radicalised, writes CJ Werleman.

Trump's phoney war against Assad

11 April, 2018

Comment: US strikes will not advance US interests in Syria, nor will they alleviate the suffering of Assad's victims, writes CJ Werleman.

Gaza: Trump grants Israel a licence to kill

09 April, 2018

Comment: US silence over the latest Palestinian deaths can be read in no other way than a green light for Israel's violent acts of collective punishment, writes CJ Werleman.

Trump's other foreign collusion scandal

29 March, 2018

Comment: Government-by-highest-bidder has reached foreign policy, with UAE paymasters spending millions to influence Congress and the White House against Qatar, writes CJ Werleman.

Democrats' last hurrah to Israel

28 March, 2018

Comment: 'Progressive' politicians are showing how out of touch with their base they truly are, writes CJ Werleman.

CJ Werleman
CJ Werleman

CJ Werleman is the author of 'Crucifying America', 'God Hates You, Hate Him Back' and 'Koran Curious', and is the host of Foreign Object.

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