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CJ Werleman

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CJ Werleman
CJ Werleman

CJ Werleman is the author of 'Crucifying America', 'God Hates You, Hate Him Back' and 'Koran Curious', and is the host of Foreign Object.

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The West could benefit from the spirit of Ramadan

22 May, 2019

Comment: The community spirit around the month of Ramadan reminds me, as a non-Muslim, what our society has lost, writes CJ Werleman.

US coverage of Gaza mistakes perpetrator for victim

07 May, 2019

Comment: The American public is being spoon fed intentionally misleading information on the situation in Gaza, writes CJ Werleman.

How hate crimes data can help save lives

29 April, 2019

Comment: Better hate crimes data would show police and governments which communities are most at risk, and how resources should be spent, writes CJ Werleman.

Sri Lanka's Muslims brace for Islamophobic backlash

24 April, 2019

Comment: With the memory of last years' social media led violence against them, the country's Muslim minority is already bracing for the backlash, writes CJ Werleman.

A savage new campaign to wipe out surviving Rohingya

16 April, 2019

Comment: There's growing evidence the military junta in Myanmar is using its ground offensive against separatists as a pretext to 'clean out,' the remaining Rohingya, writes CJ Werleman.

Ignoring Palestinian deaths is fuelling Islamophobia

09 April, 2019

Comment: Failing to report on the deaths of more than 250 unarmed Palestinian civilians deprives audiences of the actual contours of an unequal conflict, CJ Werleman.

Uighur Muslim crackdown expands to Beijing and Shanghai

08 April, 2019

Whistleblowers report a new stage in the repression of Uighur identity has begun, in cities far from Xinjiang, writes CJ Werleman.

Indicting Netanyahu

03 April, 2019

Comment: At the centre of Netanyahu's indictment is his willingness to abuse power and subvert Israel's already iniquitous 'democracy', writes CJ Werleman.

Guilty by association: Stripping Britain's Muslims of their rights

13 March, 2019

Comment: With its decision to strip another British citizen - Tauqir Sharif - of his citizenship, the British government emphasises all are not equal under the law, writes CJ Werleman.

Attacks on Ilhan Omar's 'anti-Semitism' prove she was right

06 March, 2019

Comment: Meanwhile, the president's anti-Semitism and Republicans' widespread Islamophobia is ignored, writes CJ Werleman.

India is terrorising Rohingya refugees in Kashmir

04 March, 2019

Comment: Rohingya have suffered twice; once in Myanmar and now where they seek sanctuary, writes CJ Werleman.

MbS' shameful betrayal of China's Uighur Muslims

26 February, 2019

Comment: The Saudi crown prince's words were a shameless attempt to whitewash China's unacceptable treatment of its Uighur Muslims, writes CJ Werleman.

CJ Werleman
CJ Werleman

CJ Werleman is the author of 'Crucifying America', 'God Hates You, Hate Him Back' and 'Koran Curious', and is the host of Foreign Object.

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