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Giorgio Cafiero

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Giorgio Cafiero
Giorgio Cafiero

Giorgio Cafiero is the CEO of Gulf State Analytics. Follow him on Twitter: @GiorgioCafiero

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Putin takes a trip to Riyadh

15 October, 2019

Comment: The Kremlin is delighted to take advantage of many opportunities that Trump's actions have created for Russia to gain influence in the Middle East, writes Giorgio Cafiero.

Will Aramco attacks draw Saudi Arabia closer to Russia?

17 September, 2019

Comment: Russia is in a strong position to gain from the Aramco attacks, writes Giorgio Cafiero.

Saudi Arabia, UAE have lost the plot in Yemen

02 September, 2019

Comment: A crumbling Saudi alliance in Yemen could see Russia enter the fray, writes Giorgio Cafiero.

Sudan's tragic role in Yemen's civil war

02 July, 2019

Comment: Economic hardship at home has led Sudanese paramilitary forces to fight in the Yemeni civil war as mercenaries for the Saudi-led coalition, writes Giorgio Cafiero.

Where is 'maximum pressure' on Iran heading?

27 June, 2019

Comment: The Trump administration is simply running out of non-military options for intensifying 'maximum pressure' on Iran, writes Giorgio Cafiero.

Why Libya is becoming a flashpoint in French-Italian ties

12 June, 2019

Comment: France and Italy's competition for influence and clashing agendas in Libya are further destabilising the bifurcated North African country, writes Giorgio Cafiero.

Is Sudan joining the anti-Qatar bloc?

05 June, 2019

Comment: The counter-revolutionary states of the Sunni Arab world are showing their influence in Sudan, writes Giorgio Cafiero.

Sabre-rattling and sabotage off the coast of UAE

15 May, 2019

Comment: Rising tensions amid a week of manoeuvring in the Gulf mean the potential for a serious misunderstanding is greater than ever, writes Giorgio Cafiero.

Resolving Libya's civil war

13 March, 2019

Comment: A resolution to Libya's complex civil war rides largely on the actions of its foreign players, writes Giorgio Cafiero.

Saudi Arabia's pivot to the East

19 February, 2019

Comment: After falling from favour in the West, MbS turns his attention to investment in Pakistan, challenging China's economic stronghold in the region, writes Giorgio Cafiero.

Will a revolution oust Sudan's defiant president?

28 January, 2019

Comment: This new wave of demonstrations poses the most serious threat to Bashir's regime since its rise to power, writes Giorgio Cafiero.

Qatar frees itself of OPEC

04 December, 2018

Comment: By leaving OPEC, Qatar's leadership is sending a message that Doha is determined to fully escape Saudi Arabia's orbit of influence, writes Giorgio Cafiero.

Giorgio Cafiero
Giorgio Cafiero

Giorgio Cafiero is the CEO of Gulf State Analytics. Follow him on Twitter: @GiorgioCafiero

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