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Marcus Montgomery

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Marcus Montgomery
Marcus Montgomery

Marcus Montgomery is a Junior Analyst for Congressional Affairs at Arab Center Washington DC.

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Only in Washington does the Yemen vote look good

30 November, 2018

Comment: Even if the resolution gets the necessary votes just to be debated, it will undoubtedly receive a slew of amendments, writes Marcus Montgomery.

Arab and Muslim Americans are taking Midterms by storm

02 November, 2018

Comment: For record numbers of Arab and Muslim candidates, the Midterms are a chance to prove their worth as politicians, and stand up to Trump's bigotry, writes Marcus Montgomery.

Trump's leadership void on Iran

03 October, 2018

Comment: Trump is obsessed with a 'win' on Iran, but but has neither the capacity nor vision to make it happen, writes Marcus Montgomery.

When defending 'religious liberty' means courting Christian nationalists

08 August, 2018

Comment: Jeff Sessions' 'Religious Liberty Task Force' has nothing to do with guaranteeing the rights of all religious groups, writes Marcus Montgomery.

Trump's hard right Supreme Court puts Arab-Americans at risk

29 June, 2018

Comment: This SCOTUS term has taught us the court is willing to provide a great deal of deference to the president under the guise of national security, writes Marcus Montgomery.

Five things to watch for in the midterm primaries

18 June, 2018

Comment: With 24 more state primaries and five months left before the midterm elections, Marcus Montgomery takes a look at the Trump faithfuls and Blue Wave hopefuls.

Trump's Iran sanctions: Shoot first, ask questions later

09 May, 2018

Comment: It is clear that neither Trump nor his administration has a plan B, writes Marcus Montgomery.

Trump's travel ban: Illegal, unconstitutional or just racist?

24 April, 2018

Comment: The main argument brought against the travel ban focuses on whether the president is exercising power that is not rightfully his, writes Marcus Montgomery.

Washington has no plan for post-Iran deal diplomacy

11 April, 2018

Comment: The ultimate danger of 'tearing up' the deal is diplomatic isolation, and a slow march towards military conflict, writes Marcus Montgomery.

A tale of two secretaries: Exit Tillerson, enter Pompeo

14 March, 2018

Comment: Mike Pompeo will likely enable Trump's worst tendencies, writes Marcus Montgomery.

Congress must curb Trump's nuclear Saudi Arabia

01 March, 2018

Comment: Allowing the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to build a domestic nuclear energy programme unfettered by reprocessing restrictions is a terrible idea, writes Marcus Montgomery.

Trump and DACA: Deferred actions and broken dreams

01 February, 2018

Comment: The state of immigration reform in the United States. By Marcus Montgomery.

Marcus Montgomery
Marcus Montgomery

Marcus Montgomery is a Junior Analyst for Congressional Affairs at Arab Center Washington DC.

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