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Marcus Montgomery

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Marcus Montgomery
Marcus Montgomery

Marcus Montgomery is a Junior Analyst for Congressional Affairs at Arab Center Washington DC.

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Five things to watch for in the midterm primaries

18 June, 2018

Comment: With 24 more state primaries and five months left before the midterm elections, Marcus Montgomery takes a look at the Trump faithfuls and Blue Wave hopefuls.

Trump's Iran sanctions: Shoot first, ask questions later

09 May, 2018

Comment: It is clear that neither Trump nor his administration has a plan B, writes Marcus Montgomery.

Trump's travel ban: Illegal, unconstitutional or just racist?

24 April, 2018

Comment: The main argument brought against the travel ban focuses on whether the president is exercising power that is not rightfully his, writes Marcus Montgomery.

Washington has no plan for post-Iran deal diplomacy

11 April, 2018

Comment: The ultimate danger of 'tearing up' the deal is diplomatic isolation, and a slow march towards military conflict, writes Marcus Montgomery.

A tale of two secretaries: Exit Tillerson, enter Pompeo

14 March, 2018

Comment: Mike Pompeo will likely enable Trump's worst tendencies, writes Marcus Montgomery.

Congress must curb Trump's nuclear Saudi Arabia

01 March, 2018

Comment: Allowing the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to build a domestic nuclear energy programme unfettered by reprocessing restrictions is a terrible idea, writes Marcus Montgomery.

Trump and DACA: Deferred actions and broken dreams

01 February, 2018

Comment: The state of immigration reform in the United States. By Marcus Montgomery.

How not to 'drain the swamp'

16 November, 2017

Comment: What happens when a bunch of 20-somethings are in charge of advising and assisting representatives and senators on increasingly complicated issues? asks Marcus Montgomery.

Bin Salman's economic anxiety is risking war with Iran

10 November, 2017

Comment: At the core of MbS' decision-making is the overwhelming economic anxiety he has developed as he seeks to fundamentally change the Saudi economy, writes Marcus Montgomery.

Trump is about to make matters worse with Iran

13 October, 2017

Comment: Undermining the nuclear deal coupled with designating the IRGC a 'foreign terrorist organisation' only risks emboldening hardliners in Iran, which is bad news for everyone, writes Marcus Montgomery.

Trump will leave Iran deal decision to Congress

06 October, 2017

Comment: The nuclear deal is another situation where Trump hopes to deface one of Obama's key accomplishments, while leaving it to Congress to decide the consequences, writes Marcus Montgomery.

It is, and always has been, 'the economy, stupid'

25 August, 2017

Comment: Unless Trump finds a strategy for translating flashy statistics into tangible economic relief for low-income and middle class Americans, his popularity will continue to plummet, writes Marcus Montgomery.

Marcus Montgomery
Marcus Montgomery

Marcus Montgomery is a Junior Analyst for Congressional Affairs at Arab Center Washington DC.

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