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Diana Alghoul

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Diana Alghoul
Diana Alghoul

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Yes, Arabs should forget about Palestine

07 June, 2018

Palestinians don't want a state so the Arab League can hold hands as they enter al-Aqsa. Palestinians need a state for their security, stability and safety, writes Diana Alghoul.

'Stop protecting sexual abusers' demand Algerian women

04 June, 2018

Algerian women have rallied behind a fitness blogger whose sexual harassment complaint to police failed to spark action against her abuser.

Cancer patient 'tortured, chained to bed' in UAE prison

31 May, 2018

Cancer patient Alia Abdulnoor has been left to die in isolation, chained to a hospital bed, after being subjected to extreme forms of torture inside a UAE prison.

Netta politicised her own victory and whitewashed Israel's occupation

17 May, 2018

Israeli icon Netta has attempted to brand her Eurovision win as a victory for diversity, but she has remained silent on the suffering of millions of Palestinians.

End of the Iran deal 'no big deal'

09 May, 2018

Trump's decision to revoke the Iran deal has few implications for Arab civilians, analysts from Syria, Yemen, Iraq and Lebanon tell The New Arab.

MbS: 'Palestinians must negotiate with Israel or shut up'

30 April, 2018

Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman reportedly told a crowd of Jewish leaders that Palestinians must "accept peace or shut up".

Fury as Trump uses anti-Semitic slur against journalist

24 April, 2018

US President Donald Trump used a slur most often used in neo-Nazi circles against Jewish journalist Chuck Todd.

Iranian commander threatens to destroy Israel within 25 years

23 April, 2018

Major General Abdolrahim Mousavi said the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps will support the destruction of Israel.

HRW denounces eviction of Syrian refugees in Lebanon

20 April, 2018

In-depth: Syrian refugees are being subjected to institutional violence, fuelled by scapegoating and a sharp rise in xenophobia, a new Human Rights Watch report has found.

Hamas defiant after Israel strikes Gaza amid escalating tensions

11 April, 2018

The Israeli army conducted airstrikes on Hamas bases in Gaza after an explosive device was detonated by the border

Palestinians are united under identity, not just struggle

03 April, 2018

Blog: To say Palestinians protest in solidarity with each other is at large, inaccurate. Palestinians do not identify with each other because of struggles, but because of who they are.

Oren: Israel was not 'diplomatically prepared' for Gaza killings

02 April, 2018

Israel's deputy minister and former ambassador to the US Michael Oren said Israel needs to be improve its PR in order to justify its crimes against Palestinians to the world.

Diana Alghoul
Diana Alghoul

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