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Diana Alghoul

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Diana Alghoul
Diana Alghoul

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Around 560,000 killed in Syria since 2011: monitor

10 December, 2018

Around 560,000 Syrians have been killed in the country's war since fighting broke out in 2011, following regime massacres of protesters.

Experts weigh in on Qatar pulling out of OPEC

03 December, 2018

As the world speculates on what may follow Qatar's unexpected announcement it would leave OPEC, analysts assured the move was unlikely to have seismic effects, reports Diana Alghoul.

Egypt's peace with Israel is 'stable and permanent': Sisi

05 November, 2018

During the World Youth Forum in Sharm el-Sheikh, Sisi asserted that Egypt's relations with Israel are permanent.

Watch: Cute kitty becomes Istanbul's latest catwalk star

29 October, 2018

Cuteness overload...

Israel forces Palestinian family to demolish their own home

09 October, 2018

Jerusalemite Ayman Naim Kawasbe said he and his family were forced by the Israeli occupation to sell their own furniture and demolish their own home.

Netanyahu tells ministers to 'prepare for war with Hamas'

08 October, 2018

Israel's Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu told cabinet members to prepare for war with Hamas, Israeli media said.

Israel 'more prepared' for war than in 1967: Lieberman

02 October, 2018

'We're at the highest level of preparedness since the Six-Day War', Avigdor Lieberman warned.

Riyadh investigates woman who 'forced housemaid to drink bleach'

21 September, 2018

Agnes Mancilla was subjected to numerous forms of abuse by her employer, doctors found, after she was hospitalised forcefully drinking bleach.

Israel's destruction of Palestinian village is 'war crime': Amnesty

07 September, 2018

Amnesty International has deplored Israel's decision to go ahead with the demolition of the Palestinian village of Khan al-Ahmar in occupied East Jerusalem.

Palestine has one of the highest literacy rates globally

06 September, 2018

Palestine's literacy rates have increased substantially over the past 20 years, despite education becoming increasingly inaccessible for Palestinian children.

Palestinian artist denied entry into UK slams 'racist policies'

22 August, 2018

Malak Mattar, a popular Palestinian artist, has been denied entry into the UK despite being officially invited to an art exhibition.

Lana Del Rey slammed for justifying Israel concert

21 August, 2018

Singer Lana Del Rey has defended her upcoming concert in Tel Aviv, saying her music will bring about peace by flooding the region with positive energetic vibrations.

Diana Alghoul
Diana Alghoul

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