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Diana Alghoul

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Diana Alghoul
Diana Alghoul

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Kuwait's speaker bins Trump's 'dead' peace plan

10 February, 2020

Kuwait's parliamentary speaker Marzouq al-Ghanim threw Trump's Deal of the Century in the bin, saying Palestine will be liberated sooner or later regardless of what happens.

Arab veganism: Back to roots or copying the West?

16 January, 2020

It almost seems as though the rise in veganism in the Arab world directly correlates with 'Western influence' – but how true is this?

'Queer Palestinians' attacked in homophobic hate crime

04 December, 2019

Sammy and her two friends were beaten near Ramallah as police watched in an anti-LGBTQ+ hate crime.

Hunger-striking Palestinian detainee receives six-month administrative detention in Israel

18 October, 2019

Musab al-Hindi, who spent over a third of his life in prison, has been slapped with an administrative detention order.

#RememberingJamal: Event marks a year on after tragic murder

03 October, 2019

Middle East Monitor hosted an event remembering Jamal Khashoggi and honouring his life and legacy on the anniversary of his murder.

Saudi police arrest man seen beating baby in video

22 September, 2019

A video showing a Palestinian resident of Saudi Arabia beating his daughter while trying to force her to stand, has gone viral.

Israel, social stigmas, patriarchy and Palestine’s growing suicide epidemic

18 September, 2019

A recent report showed that cases of suicide in Palestine have increased by 14 percent and there are many complex reasons behind this harrowing statistic.

Recordings reveal Khashoggi's harrowing last words before murder

09 September, 2019

More harrowing recordings of the moment Khashoggi was murdered have been released by the Turkish media.

UK-based pro-Israel outlets systematically smear Palestinian charities

03 September, 2019

The Jewish Chronicle recently apologised to Palestinian charity Interpal for spewing false claims about them, but how deep does the smearing campaign in the UK run?

Man tortures Palestinian sister to death in honour killing

31 August, 2019

Israa Ghrayeb, 21, was reportedly beaten to death by her brother because she posted a selfie with her partner a day before they were due to get engaged.

Fifty years after they burned al-Aqsa

28 August, 2019

On August 21 1969, Michael Denis Rohan set fire to al-Aqsa. For Palestinians, the scars of the attack remain raw as the occupation rages on.

Trump says Jews love him like 'King of Israel'

21 August, 2019

Trump tweeted a quote by a notorious conspiracy theorist who claimed Jews love Trump like a 'second coming of God', but American Jews don’t appreciate him.

Diana Alghoul
Diana Alghoul

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