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Shams Al-Shakarchi

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Shams Al-Shakarchi
Shams Al-Shakarchi

Shams Al-Shakarchi is a British-Iraqi journalist with an interest in Iraq, women's rights and economic empowerment

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Riyadh lifts the driving ban: 'carwashing' royal Saudi abuse?

27 September, 2017

While the advance in women's social liberalisation in Saudi Arabia should be celebrated, commentators have contextualised the move as a cynical marketing ploy by an image-conscious regime.

World-Cup qualifier 'humiliation' for Iranian women banned from stadium

07 September, 2017

The website of Iran's main stadium was hacked in protest over the ban on women watching men play football, after the World Cup qualifier in Tehran reignited calls for equality.

Syria open for business? We're not buying it

16 August, 2017

Blog: The return of the once-popular Damascus International Fair after a five-year hiatus is being peddled by regime media as proof Syria is returning to "calm and stability".

A (relatively) good week for Middle East women's rights

03 August, 2017

The struggle for women's rights in the Middle East is by no means over, but the passionate and dedicated fight for equality and protection is paying off.

These Middle Eastern countries still criminalise homosexuality

08 July, 2017

As Londoners on Saturday marked 50 years since the decriminalisation of homosexuality, same-sex relationships in some countries in the Middle East are still punishable by death.

As Islamic State militants retreat, what’s left of Mosul?

08 July, 2017

As Iraqi and coalition forces draw closer to a victory over the Islamic State group in Mosul, the scale of the destruction lying in their wake is immense.

Trumps are better out than in: London protests

04 February, 2017

Londoners marched through the city on Saturday protesting Donald Trump's travel ban which has caused international outrage and wreaked havoc at airports.

Muslim ban protesters hijack @TrumpHotels ‘favourite travel memory’ tweet

30 January, 2017

A marketing tweet from Donald Trump's hotel chain asking for stories of a "favourite journey" backfired after social media users took the opportunity to protest against the immigration order

Department of Refugee Defence? Pentagon trolls Trump over visa-ban

26 January, 2017

The Pentagon posted a tweet going against the anti-immigration rhetoric - a perfectly-timed coincidence or a small act of defiance against the controversial Trump administration?

Do Trump supporters really care about Middle Eastern women?

22 January, 2017

Saturday's global Women's March sparked a sudden 'concern' for women's rights in the Middle East among right-wing Trump supporters.

Lebanese immigrant designer under fire for dressing Melania Trump

21 January, 2017

Lebanese immigrant designer Reem Acra has been criticised after Melania Trump wore one of her dresses to a pre-inauguration dinner, with critics claiming she was supporting Trump's anti-immigration politics.

Seven signs Trump is going 'full Arab dictator'

20 January, 2017

From the gaudy, gold furnishings at Trump HQ to White House nepotism and cosy alliances with Arab autocrats - is Donald Trump going full dictator?

Shams Al-Shakarchi
Shams Al-Shakarchi

Shams Al-Shakarchi is a British-Iraqi journalist with an interest in Iraq, women's rights and economic empowerment

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