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Shams Al-Shakarchi

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Shams Al-Shakarchi
Shams Al-Shakarchi

Shams Al-Shakarchi is a British-Iraqi journalist at The New Arab, with an interest in Iraq and women's rights.

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Mysterious Egyptian sarcophagus fails to unleash world-ending curse

22 July, 2018

Archaeologists defied warnings of 'the curse' that would be unleashed if the 2,000-year-old tomb was cracked open.

Khamenei trolls Trump with Fire and Fury Instagram snap

12 May, 2018

Iran's Supreme Leader made a subtle dig at Trump's credibility in the week the US withdrew from the nuclear deal.

Trump does exactly as Republican senators warned in 2015

09 May, 2018

With a condescending lesson on the US constitution, Republican senators warned Iran about entering into a deal with Obama which his successor could undo 'with a stroke of a pen'.

'A self-inflicted disaster': Twitter reacts to Trump's Iran move

08 May, 2018

Blog: Social media users shared grave warnings over Trump's departure from the Iran deal.

US embassy in London corrects Trump over 'bad deal'

12 January, 2018

The US embassy in London has corrected President Trump after he cancelled a trip to the UK because he believed its relocation was a "bad deal" negotiated by Obama's administration.

Disney admits 'darkening' white actors in Aladdin remake

10 January, 2018

Disney has been accused once again of whitewashing the live-action remake of Aladdin after admitting white actors were "made up to blend in", instead of hiring Middle Eastern extras.

Apartheid, yada, yada: Seinfeld photographed at Israeli 'shoot-a-Palestinian' camp

09 January, 2018

American comedian Jerry Seinfeld causes outrage among supporters of Palestinian rights after posing with machine guns at an Israeli military fantasy camp that simulates shooting Palestinians during a family holiday.

Israel attacking medical teams in Palestine, charity says

20 December, 2017

Israel is failing to credibly and impartially investigate reported violations and attacks on medical teams and Palestinians, Medical Aid for Palestinians has said.

#SheDefends: Honouring the Middle Eastern women fighting for change

29 November, 2017

There is a long way to go to achieve gender equality in the Middle East, but progress - and sacrifice - has been made by brave women human rights defenders.

Riyadh lifts the driving ban: 'carwashing' royal Saudi abuse?

27 September, 2017

While the advance in women's social liberalisation in Saudi Arabia should be celebrated, commentators have contextualised the move as a cynical marketing ploy by an image-conscious regime.

World-Cup qualifier 'humiliation' for Iranian women banned from stadium

07 September, 2017

The website of Iran's main stadium was hacked in protest over the ban on women watching men play football, after the World Cup qualifier in Tehran reignited calls for equality.

Syria open for business? We're not buying it

16 August, 2017

Blog: The return of the once-popular Damascus International Fair after a five-year hiatus is being peddled by regime media as proof Syria is returning to "calm and stability".

Shams Al-Shakarchi
Shams Al-Shakarchi

Shams Al-Shakarchi is a British-Iraqi journalist at The New Arab, with an interest in Iraq and women's rights.

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