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Robert Cusack

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Robert Cusack
Robert Cusack

Bilingual staff journalist based in London.

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British man exonerated after touching a man's hip

23 October, 2017

Jamie Harron collected his passport on Monday morning after his three-month prison sentence for 'public indecency' was dropped by Dubai's Sheikh Mohammed.

Israel sold Myanmar patrol boats despite ethnic cleansing evidence

23 October, 2017

Israel approved the sale of patrol boats to the Myanmar navy amid evidence and reports the armed forces were allegedly responsible for 'ethnic cleansing'.

UK family 'face prison' if they visit Dubai-jailed son

19 October, 2017

The family of a British man facing trial for touching a man's hip in a bar have been warned their criticism of the UAE government could land them in jail.

Bombs and Oil: Saudi-Russia bonding over mutual loves

06 October, 2017

In-depth: The recent Saudi entourage to Moscow marks the beginning of a diversification in Saudi foreign policy and the beginning of a new order in the region.

UK immigrants being 'covertly identified' by children's schools

05 October, 2017

Activists have warned that families may inadvertently be helping the government locate immigrant families by giving out data they don't need to.

US Secretary of State 'not stepping down'

04 October, 2017

Rex Tillerson denied rumours he wanted to step down as Secretary of State in a live broadcast on Wednesday.

Alleged Libyan war-criminal holds private talks in Europe

28 September, 2017

Khalifa Haftar has been accused of personally ordering attacks on civilians, having enforced a 'starve or kneel' policy in the two-year siege of Benghazi.

It is still possible to protest in Saudi Arabia

21 September, 2017

A group of exiled opposition figures are organising small-scale, anonymous protests in Saudi Arabia, with videos emerging of citizens mocking the new crown prince, reports Robert Cusack.

UK lawyers: Abolish extradition to UAE over torture fears

19 September, 2017

A number of lawyers have petitioned the government to rip up a legal extradition treaty with the UAE, as all requests dating back seven years have been denied.

US 'illegally' sent $2.2 billion of weapons to Syria

15 September, 2017

An investigation into weapons export certification showed the US military allegedly falsified documents and knowingly misled the German government when it flew weapons to Syrian rebels via Germany.

Myanmar's ethnic cleansers: Hitting them where it hurts

05 September, 2017

In-depth: Could targeted sanctions against the perpetrators of alleged ethnic cleansing in Myanmar help put an end to the carnage?

Libyan navy captures second oil smuggler in one week

31 August, 2017

The Libyan authorities said they had captured a small ship containing over a million litres of diesel off the west coast of Libya.

Robert Cusack
Robert Cusack

Bilingual staff journalist based in London.

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