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Alessandra Bajec

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Alessandra Bajec
Alessandra Bajec

Alessandra Bajec is a freelance journalist currently based in Beirut.

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Tunisian women stand up for right to marry non-Muslims

25 September, 2018

Despite a change in Tunisia's legislation, the fight over inter-religious marriages is not over yet as many women still face problems when trying to marry outside of Islam.

Tunisia-Libya border reopening sparks hope for locals

14 September, 2018

Cross-border activity is back to normal after the reopening of the Tunisian-Libyan border, amid an ongoing commercial dispute between the two states, reports Alessandra Bajec.

Marginalisation drives Tunisians to migrant boats

19 July, 2018

In-depth: A worsening economy and frustration among civilians drives more Tunisians from the marginalised interior towards irregular migration, writes Alessandra Bajec.

Tunisian women lead battle for truth and justice

11 July, 2018

Women are watching closely to make sure the transitional justice process will give dignity to those who suffered violence and abuse, writes Alessandra Bajec.

Tourism beats terrorism: Holidaymakers return to Tunisia

19 June, 2018

Feature: Three years after deadly terrorist attacks, tourism is making a positive return in Tunisia, signalling the start of a real recovery, writes Alessandra Bajec.

Secularism and Muslim identity in Tunisia during Ramadan

07 June, 2018

Before 2011, many cafes and restaurants stayed open throughout Ramadan, but post-revolution, religion seems to have become a more public affair, as non-fasting people are targeted, writes Alessandra Bajec.

Tunisia's quiet class struggle against austerity measures

20 April, 2018

In-depth: Three months after January's unrest, Tunisians cope with the government’s neoliberal policies and IMF’s austerity agenda that are noticeably hitting the country’s poor and middle class, writes Alessandra Bajec.

Tunisia makes children's rights a national priority

02 April, 2018

Tunisia has introduced a number of new laws and measures designed to protect the rights of children, making it a leader in the Arab world on this issue.

Tunisia rocks taboo on LGBTQ+ rights

31 March, 2018

Post-revolutionary Tunisia continues to push the debate about gay rights into the public sphere, braving a repressive law, gender-based discrimination and homophobic violence, writes Alessandra Bajec.

Tunisia's LGBT community demand change

20 March, 2018

In-depth: Tunisia's LGBTQI community are taking bold steps to demand equality and recognition and hope to drag the conservative government with them, writes Alessandra Bajec

Tunisia outraged and betrayed at 'back-stabbing' EU terror-funding blacklist

15 March, 2018

In-depth: The EU's decision to blacklist Tunisia - a burgeoning democracy struggling against deep economic woes - as a terrorism sponsor is being slammed as 'abusive' by outraged Tunisians

Migrants face more danger after disputed Italy-Libya deal

20 September, 2017

In-depth: By reinforcing Europe's fortress policy, Italy is further endangering the lives of vulnerable migrants rather than solving the crisis, reports Alessandra Bajec.

Alessandra Bajec
Alessandra Bajec

Alessandra Bajec is a freelance journalist currently based in Beirut.

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