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Alessandra Bajec

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Alessandra Bajec
Alessandra Bajec

Alessandra Bajec is a freelance journalist currently based in Beirut.

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Jordan's women don't see the end of male guardianship

20 December, 2019

Dozens of women in Jordan face attempted murders, death threats and physical abuse at the hands of their own families, under the logic of an existing male 'guardianship' system.

Lebanese women press for legal protection against domestic violence

18 December, 2019

Lebanese women are pushing for a serious stance on laws to protect them against domestic violence amid large discontent over an inadequate legal system.

Iraqi women victim to online sexual blackmail

12 December, 2019

Iraqi women face a staggering rise in online 'sextortion', a practice known as revenge porn, with Iraqi males exploiting private images on social media accounts to intimidate and threaten them.

Conversation circles generate ideas in the Lebanese Revolution

21 November, 2019

Protests and strikes are not the only nationwide thing dominating Lebanon. Open discussions held by groups of citizens is the latest phenomenon happening on the streets of Lebanon.

Lebanon uprising renews its momentum as ruling class stall

05 November, 2019

Analysis: The resignation of PM Hariri achieved one demand of Lebanon's protesters, but the ruling class has so far ignored the root causes of the uprising, giving it fresh momentum

Violent scuffles mar peaceful protests in Beirut

29 October, 2019

Last Friday saw violent scuffles at Riad al-Solh Square, in central Beirut, after a group of Hezbollah supporters attacked protesters chanting slogans against Nasrallah amid anti-corruption protests in Lebanon.

Tunisia picks law professor as new president

14 October, 2019

Kais Saied, an independent candidate who ran on a conservative, anti-corruption platform, takes the presidency with at least 72% of the popular vote.

Karoui out of jail just before Tunisia’s presidential run-off

12 October, 2019

Tunisia gears up for a fair vote in Sunday’s presidential poll after jailed candidate Nabil Karoui was freed days ahead of the run-off.

Legislative elections set Tunisia's future political path of action

04 October, 2019

Tunisians will make their voices heard in what will be a decisive election for the parliamentary regime, but some voters are now showing less interest in the campaigns.

Jailed Karoui heads for run-off in Tunisia presidential election

19 September, 2019

Karoui advances to the second round of Tunisia's polls despite uncertainty around his status after a fresh appeal for his release from prison is denied, ahead of the forthcoming run-off.

Tunisia's elections: The town that made the revolution

16 September, 2019

In Tunisia's heart of the revolution, much distrust toward the post-2011 political class and determination to see real change drove many to vote in Sunday’s presidential election.

Women to play a decisive role in Tunisia's elections

10 September, 2019

Women will likely play a big role in determining Tunisia's future in the coming elections, especially if the vote goes to a second round.

Alessandra Bajec
Alessandra Bajec

Alessandra Bajec is a freelance journalist currently based in Beirut.

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