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Alessandra Bajec

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Alessandra Bajec
Alessandra Bajec

Alessandra Bajec is a freelance journalist currently based in Beirut.

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Haftar's Libya offensive kills political process

18 April, 2019

Haftar's military push for Tripoli initiated early this month marks a dramatic turn of events in the long political power struggle that has torn Libya since 2011.

Despite Tunisia's progress, gender equality remains distant hope

14 March, 2019

In-depth: Since the 2011 revolution, Tunisia has undergone a relatively smooth political transition to democracy and has seen significant progress in terms of women’s rights, reports Alessandra Bajec.

Tunisian parliament set to discuss equal inheritance bill

08 March, 2019

If the long-awaited draft law is adopted, it will be the first of its kind in the Arab world, where current inheritance laws contribute to perpetuating gender inequality, not equality.

Tunisian victim jailed for sodomy

07 March, 2019

The case of a 22-year-old man who is behind bars for homosexuality has once again raised the alarm about the widespread homophobia in the North African country.

Labour strike brings Tunisia to standstill

18 January, 2019

Tunisia's largest labour union staged a nationwide strike on Thursday to demand a salary hike for public sector workers.

Tunisia marks 8th revolution anniversary

15 January, 2019

Although a day of celebration, the anger among Tunisians was also visible over the revolution's unfulfilled goals, with widespread discontent over high living costs, unemployment and corruption.

Tunisians struggle as life-saving medicine shortage hits country

28 December, 2018

Since the start of this year, at least 300 different drugs are either unavailable or becoming scarcer in Tunisia's pharmacies and hospitals as the country's strategic stock of medicine shrinks.

Tunisian families push for truth over missing Mediterranean youth

05 December, 2018

Since the Tunisian revolution, hundreds of youngsters have illegally crossed the sea into Europe, never to be seen or heard from again, as their families continue to demand answers.

Tunisian activists rally against Mohammed bin Salman visit

26 November, 2018

Tunisian rights groups gathered to protest Mohammed bin Salman before his arrival in Tunis.

Tunisia puts individual rights in heart of legal system

19 November, 2018

Tunisia is again set to be a pioneer in the Arab world by placing the rights of the individual at the heart of its legal system, writes Alessandra Bajec.

Tunisia's ruling coalition partners brace for divorce

26 October, 2018

Nidaa Tounes and Ennahdha are facing shifting political alliances and balances of power ahead of next year's elections.

Italy pushes for repatriation to cut down Tunisian migrants

15 October, 2018

In line with the EU's long-standing border externalisation policy, the Italian government is demanding more cooperation from Tunisia to bring migration numbers down.

Alessandra Bajec
Alessandra Bajec

Alessandra Bajec is a freelance journalist currently based in Beirut.

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