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Mona Alami

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Mona Alami
Mona Alami

Mona Alami a non-resident fellow with the Atlantic council covering Middle East politics with a special interest in radical organizations.

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Lebanon's political class must capitalise on Hariri's popularity

30 November, 2017

Comment: Rather than exacerbate sectarian rifts, the drama surrounding Lebanese PM Hariri's resignation has actually served to boost national harmony, writes Mona Alami.

After IS, a new tug-of-war in Lebanon and Iraq

17 November, 2017

Comment: In Lebanon and Iraq, non state actors loyal to Iran are impossible to dismantle in the absence of a regional agreement, writes Mona Alami.

Hizballah's hubris reined in by an unpredictable Saudi regime

09 November, 2017

Comment: Hizballah has enjoyed increased leverage in Lebanese and regional politics, but the prospect of a destabilised Lebanon means it must tread very carefully, writes Mona Alami.

IS' defeat in Deir az-Zour will not end extremism

12 October, 2017

Comment: The lack of stability and employment prospects mean that the door to extremism will remain open, even after IS' defeat in the region, writes Mona Alami.

Where does Hizballah's recapture of Arsal leave Lebanese army?

27 July, 2017

Comment: After its Arsal victory, Hizballah's war against jihadis provides it with a fresh justification for clinging to its military arsenal, writes Mona Alami.

Islamic State look to the desert to recalibrate

13 July, 2017

Comment: As Islamic State retreat from Mosul, they will attempt to reshuffle into a more horizontal and decentralised organisation to ensure their survival, writes Mona Alami.

Tahrir al-Sham's 'Syrianisation' causes war of words with Nusra

08 June, 2017

Comment: A series of tweets by HTS commander Atrash called on rebel groups to dissolve and join an opposition interim government, angering many hardliners, writes Mona Alami.

Assad turns to Iran to help 'stabilise' battered economy

23 May, 2017

Comment: Syria's economic situation remains in dire straits, but relative 'stability' in regime-held areas has seen Assad turn to Iran for new investment, writes Mona Alami.

Trouble still brewing in Iraq's hotspots

26 April, 2017

Comment: Intensifying the fight against IS in Iraq is just one conflict within a country with countless hotspots that see competing groups clashing violently, writes Mona Alami.

What comes next after US airstrikes in Syria?

07 April, 2017

Comment: US airstrikes on a Syrian regime airbase change the dynamics for everyone involved in the conflict. Might Assad's future now be looking a little less certain? asks Mona Alami.

The international community has failed Syria's children once again

05 April, 2017

Comment: The toxic gas attack in Khan Sheikhun this week is clear evidence of Assad's impunity, and the international community's disregard for their 'Responsibility to Protect', writes Mona Alami.

As Mosul falls, a new threat to peace looms

23 March, 2017

Comment: The war on IS has partially suppressed disagreements among the different Shia blocs in Iraq, but as victory draws closer, tensions are rising once again, writes Mona Alami.

Mona Alami
Mona Alami

Mona Alami a non-resident fellow with the Atlantic council covering Middle East politics with a special interest in radical organizations.

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