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Alaa Bayoumi

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Alaa Bayoumi
Alaa Bayoumi

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Five facts about Egypt's lack of security

20 April, 2017

Comment: Cairo is focused on crushing political dissent and lacks a strategy to deal with the real violence facing Egyptians, writes Alaa Bayoumi.

America's new pharaoh

10 April, 2017

Comment: The Trump-Sisi White House summit could have helped put Egypt on the path to political and economic reform. Instead, Cairo's anti-democratic police state was bolstered, writes Alaa Bayoumi.

Arab Spring divisions dominate Arab League Summit

03 April, 2017

Comment Arab leaders are split over whether terrorism or democracy is the legacy of the Arab Spring, writes Alaa Bayoumi.

Europe's unfortunate return to pragmatism over Egypt

28 March, 2017

Comment: Merkel's visit was just the latest to endorse the police state built by Sisi in exchange for help on curbing migration to Europe, writes Alaa Bayoumi

The economics behind Egypt's political unrest

28 February, 2017

Analysis: Egypt's economy is growing, but inequality is leaving millions trapped in poverty, writes Alaa Bayoumi.

When peaceful revolutions meet violent regimes

01 November, 2016

Comment: The Arab Spring can only be fully understood when we study how and why citizen uprisings were crushed by deep-seated power, writes Alaa Bayoumi.

The Saudi Egyptian divide runs deeper than Syria

21 October, 2016

Comment: What is behind the growing divide between long-term allies Saudi Arabia and Egypt, and what will this mean for foreign policy makers in an ever-more fragmented region?

Alaa Bayoumi
Alaa Bayoumi

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